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I woke up from the nap and saw Ryan working in his laptop. He was sitting beside me. He looked so focus in his work so I thought of not disturbing him. I looked at him and noticed how handsome he has gotten in the past few months. Only thinking about how handsome he has gotten was making my butterflies in my stomach flipping upside down. Ryan's kissable lips . . . His lovely eyes . . . His muscular abs . . . Oh goodness! He is not even touching me or anything and I could feel so turned on by seing how handsome is? Can pregnent hormones make woman that sensitive and make them thirst for making love? I really wanted to kiss him. Even though, I knew it was dinner time and I should eat some food for the baby, but I couldn't focus on food properly. I wanted Ryan. I want to kiss him, love him, tell him how much he means to me . . . I started to blush. What the heck I am even thinking?

"Alexa?" Ryan said as he looked at me.

I blushed as I remembered what I thought before and turned away. "Hello."

Ryan smiled and kissed me on my forehead. "How is the baby?"

"She is okay," I smiled. Did he had to kiss me? My sensations are turning wild now. The baby is probably okay but I need Ryan. I again blushed about what I thought. What am I thinking?

"Should we get some food?" He asked. "I ordered some food while you were taking nap. Let me get your medicine too."

Ryan stood upright and went to another place of his cabin to get the food. I leaned on the sofa place where Ryan was sitting. How can I have such a strong attachment for Ryan?

Ryan brought spaghetti and placed the food on the table. Then, he brought a glass of water and the medicine to me. I took the medicine and said, "Thank you."

Ryan smiled and brought the spaghetti plate near us. "I took the whole spaghetti in a plate so that we can share plate. That's pretty romantic, right?"

I shyly smiled as he took out the fork and fed me while I fed him. We did that before a couple of times too. After we finished eating the food, Ryan started to pack his laptop and other files of mine. "We are going home. I finished all the work. Let's come to the office tomorrow and talk about the new business plan. Plus, the baby needs you to be in a comfortable place," he said.

I stood upright and felt the baby kicking again. I wished in pain.

"What's wrong?" He asked, worriedly. "The baby is kicking again?"

"Yeah," I said.

Another kick. "Ouch!"

Ryan leaned near my stomach and rubbed on my stomach. "Be easy on mommy, sweetheart," he said as he kissed my stomach.

I laughed. "You are already talking to the baby?"

"Why not? This is our little princess," he said as he rubbed my stomach again hugged me by my belly. "You don't know how much happy I am Alexa by only hearing the baby kick."

I laughed. "I know. Even thought it hurts a little, I still feel motherly when the baby kicks."

Ryan kissed my stomach again as then stood upright. "Let's go home."

In the car . . .

"Goodness! This stupid traffic is too much. I can't believe that there is a tragic jam at this hour," I said as I leaned near the window.

"You are loosing your temper," he said. "It's not good for the baby. Calm down."

"It is so hot here," I said as I took of the think robe, revealing my lacy top. I didn't realise that Ryan was starring at me.

Suddenly, he turned away and looked at the other way.

"Why are turning away?" I asked.

Ryan didn't say anything. The traffic light turned red as he drove to home and parked our car at the parking lot.

"Ryan, are you mad at me? Why are you not talking?" I asked as I was going to unbuckled my seat eat and stood up but slipped on my heal and fell on Ryan. Thank goodness, I fell on Ryan or else if I fell some dangerous place then I could have hurt the baby. "Ryan . . ." I suddenly noticed that I did fell on Ryan and my breasts was touching Ryan's lips. I blushed as I pulled away. This is stupid! "I am sorry. Are you mad at me?"

Ryan looked at me and then sighed and pushed me on the window of my seat and pinned me there. "I am not mad at you. I was trying to prevent myself from attacking you," he said as he leaned closer.

"Attacking me? Why would you do that?"

Ryan blushed a little as he said, "you don't get it, do you?"


"The top that you are wearing is very filty and exposive. I could see your bra," he said.

I blushed. My top was that explosive? Stupid me!

"It was so hard to not to attack you sexually in the road!" He said as he leaned closer. "But . . ." He loosed up his tie. "We can make out right?"

I blushed and didn't know what to say.

Ryan smiled and pressed his lips on mine. I love his kisses so I kissed him back. Our tongues were battling. Ryan pulled away from the kiss and kissed on my neck.

"Ahahahhhh!" I moaned suddenly and blushed. I hope nobody heard me moaning.

Ryan slided the lace on the shoulder and took out my top, exposing my bra. He leaned near my bra and licked on my bra.

"Mmmmhhhhh!" I moaned silently as I pulled Ryan close and kissed him. "I . . ." I panted. "Love you . . ." I panted again as I leaned my head on his shoulder, "Ryan."

"I love you more." Ryan smiled said, "should we continue our love making session at home?"

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