Dazedly, I make my way to my bed, all the while thinking: What was that..?


    The next day I was rudely awoken by my team going absolutely crazy on me- well, mostly Suji..but still.

    "JIIINNNNXXXX!!! Its the exaaaamms!!!!" Suji yelled, except when he yelled his voice got all rough, which added much more amusement to it. I sleepily open my eyes and face the window, glancing at the sky.

    "It not even 10:00 A.M. Suji. Exams start at 3:00." I mumble angrily. I usually wake up pretty early, but I couldn't sleep last night so I was tired. And when I was tired, I was angry. If it hadn't been for the Chunin Exams being today, Suji wouldn't be conscious. So, I sigh and get up. Kisai is quietly smiling apologetically. I chuckle a little. "Okay okay, get out and Ill meet you outside." I say, getting out of bed. Suji, still bouncing off the walls, quickly runs downstairs excitedly. Kisai followed, writing in that little black book of hers.

    I shake my head and get cleaned up: wash my hair, brush my teeth, get dressed, etc..I walk downstairs and meet up with the gang.

    "What do you want to do for the next four hours?" I ask them, glaring at Suji when I said four hours.  He laughs sheepishly.

    "well we should probably get there early, so we really only have three hours to kill." Kisai said, adjusting her glasses. I roll my eyes.

    "How about we go get a bite to eat, then head out." I suggested. They both agreed, so we went to Ichiraku Ramen. When we got there, Suji snickered.

    "Look at that; Naruto isnt here for a change." He said. I smirked.

    "He's probably still sleeping. I'll bet that idiot forgot today is the day of the Exams." I laughed, the others joining in as we all sat down.


    After lunch, we all walked to the Exam building. Suji was getting more and more pumped with each step, while Kisai seemed to get more and more nervous with this step. I felt both nervous and excited.    

    "You guys ready?" I ask as we arrive at the front doors.

    "Hell yeah!!" Suji grins. Kisai adjusts her glasses.    

    "Shall we?" She asks half- heartedly. I look at her and put a hand on her shoulder.

    "You can still back out you know." I said seriously. Kisai frowns.   

    "No I cant." She said.


    "I can do this." She said firmly. "I'm going to do this."  I sighed.

    "If you say so..." I gave up. Kisai smiled reassuringly and nodded, and with that we walked in the doors. We walk up some flight of stairs when I see a crowd of people. Suji, Kisai, and I all look at each other strangely. When we get closer, we hear everyone muttering angrily.

    "Hey, let us through!"

    "We need to get in for the exams!"

    I look at the sign and see that it read room 301, the exam sight room. Even so, I scoff and look at the others, who are also smirking knowingly.

    "Look at that, guys." I say, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Some competition we have, huh? They cant even count the flights of stairs they walk up." Suji and Kisai laughs with me. The crowd mumbles and embarrassedly realize room 301 is on the third floor while they only made it up two flights of stairs. I rolled my eyes at them and we continued. We walk through a door, but we find team 7 far down the hall at the other door to the exam room.

    "Well, well, well. Looks like they didn't forget." Kisai observed, writing in her notebook.

    "You're the best team I could ask for." We hear Kakashi say. I smirk and we walk forward.

    "Ouch, Sensei, that hurts." I say smoothly. Kakashi looks at us, and I see his eye curve as he smiles sheepishly. But then he looks at Kisai.

    "You came." He notes. Kisai nods. "I'm sure you already know.." She nods again slowly. I look at her.

    "Know what?"

    "If Kisai hadn't come, none of you would be able to  pass this point and take the exams. You must be in a team of three to participate." He explained. My eyes widened and I looked at Kisai.

    "Kisai...why didn't you tell us?" Suji asked. Kisai frowned.

    "I knew how much it meant to you both."

    "We can still stop" I said softly. "if you want to." It wasn't at all what I wanted really. I wanted to make my father proud. I wanted to make true my dream of being a new kind of thief. I wanted to be known world-wide, and I couldn't do that without these exams. But..my father always taught me that friendship was important, and I should do everything I can for my friends. I bring my hand to my ninja pouch where the bracelet my father gave me all those years ago lies. I would quit for Kisai. 

    "No." she said, surprising me. "We all need each other for this." I smiled at her.

    "You're right." I said, holding my hand out. Kisai smiles back and puts her hand on mine. Suji grins and slams his hand down on ours. Kakashi chuckled at us.    

    "Good luck you guys. I know you'll go far. " He said proudly. We grin back and nod, taking in a deep breath before walking through the doors that began the story of a lifetime.

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