Chapter 5

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    "Tomorrow's the big day, huh?" I muse aloud. Gaara is quiet. I look up at the moon, the mysteriousness of the night unfittingly comforting. "I wonder whats gonna happen."

    "Stay on your guard." Gaara said after a moment. I look at him. His stance is just like before, tense and still; his face still tilted to the moon's eerie light. I nodded.

    "I will." I affirm. Gaara looks at me this time.

    "Jinx," He says seriously. "Do not trust anyone. Stay alive. Do anything to make sure of that." He said. I raise a brow.

    "Is something bothering you, Gaara?" I ask. He seemed distracted. Gaara doesn't reply for a moment.

    "How attached are you to this place..?" He asked me. I blink and think for a moment. That's a strange question.

    "Not..especially I guess. I'd protect it if it were to be in danger, but if it was to ever die I wouldn't stick around to die with it." I answer finally. I hadn't really thought about that Konoha meant to me; why did it matter? I voiced the question.

    Gaara shakes his head. "It's nothing." Then it's quiet again.

    "You be careful too alright?" I said. Gaara didn't say anything, but nodded. Its quiet. "What's love?" He asks after a long while. I glanced at him. He's looking at me, a very curious look in his eye.

    "Love is... a strong feeling." I say thoughtfully. "It's different for family and lovers. For family-"

    "Tell me about lovers." He demanded. I blink.

    "Well, I honestly don't really know. I've never felt it, father always told me stories. You're supposed to get a funny feeling in your stomach when they say or do something you particularly like. And you want to be around them." I say. "That's all I know." Gaara is quiet. A yawn suddenly sneaks up on me as I realize how tired I am. Gaara notices.

    "Get some sleep." Was all he said as he stood. I nodded, but sighed at the thought of Gaara's insomnia. His lack of sleep is probably pushing him deeper into the deranged insanity he's experiencing.

    "I'll try and find you tomorrow, but if I don't then good luck." I said, standing up as well. Gaara glances at me, then walks up to me until he's so close I have to back up as well. My back hits my bedroom wall and Gaara is pinning me to it, looking down at me with an unreadable expression.

    "If you don't find me.." He said, dipping his head down so the bridge of his nose brushes against my jaw line. I feel my face warm. "Then Ill find you." He murmured, before pressing his face against my neck and biting it harshly. I gasp. Gaara pulls back, standing at full height and bringing his hand up. It rests over my heart and sand runs along his arm, spreading over my skin. I shiver slightly at its rough texture. Gaara notices and smirks.

    "Its rather interesting," He starts. "My demon is one of immense derangity. Thirsting for blood and starving to see everyone around me dead. There is no exception to this hunger," the sand caresses me once more before returning to Gaara. "except you." I look at Gaara as I think to the other night when the sand never tightened too strongly around me, and then to when I felt discomfort at the thought of Gaara hating me, the Shukaku began to hurt Gaara. My eyes widen. "You are the only one he doesn't want to kill on sight. I don't know why." He said, withdrawing his hand. I didn't like the empty feeling I get after he does, but shake it off and smile at what Gaara says. Gaara turns so I'm at his side now. "His attraction to you could be dangerous. Don't start to feel safe around me." Gaara leans in so he's near my ear. Slowly, he licks the shell of my ear. My eyes widen again. "I can still kill you." He breathes. I turn my head to look at him, but he is no longer there.

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