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He says I love you - edited

"Y/NNNN come here."'Damon yelled for you in his bedroom. It was around five past ten and you had woken up ten minutes ago but when Damon woke up without you next to him he got a little bit grumpy.

"I'm making breakfast baby!" You yelled back; suddenly stefan had grabbed your arm and flashed you into Damon's room. "Sorry Y/N Damon's orders, have fun." He smirked just before letting go of your arm and speeding downstairs and out the door.

At this point you were alone with Damon and you knew exactly what he was going to do and you smiled "Baby come back and lay with me." At that you took off your sweatpants so you were only in your underwear and one of Damon's baggy shirts.

"God I love you so much Y/N" Damon smiled grabbing onto your waist with his one hand while his other arm is pulling you towards him. " I love you too Damon." You giggled placing your hands on his face pulling him into a kiss but you know what that kiss turned into ...

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