Part 7 (It Make You Look More Handsome)

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Nandini today I want to make you mine..!! Will you allow me..!!

I want to make you mine..!! His words made her heart skip a beat.

She had tears down on cheek, she wiped them away and stepped inside bedroom and looked at manik and she knew that he knew she been crying. She remember their first kiss together. He was her first crush. He was Her first of everything.

"What wrong?" He asked her.

"Nothing make me your." she said.

Then manik pulled her towards him with jerk and picked her up. She squealed -of course who wouldn't. He set her on the bed and was hovering on top of her like he did same as when they had their first kiss. Manik started kissing her with a crazy passion,her hand reached in his hair, and pulled him more their tongue dancing in each other mouth both we're dominating each other,he was sucking her upper lip and she was sucking his lower lip, but he slowed down and started kissing her neck.

He then removed her saree from her stomach and kissed her naval. She moaned loudly. He started biting it and making her moan harder. He then played with her boobs from over the blouse, and then took it off, he stared at her bosoms which was making his d**k more harder his eye's shines looking at her prefect shaped bosoms, she blushed and covered her chest with her hands but he removed her hands and slowly started giving soft kisses on her bosoms...!!

Hmmmm... She moaned

He unhooked the bra and started playing with her nipples..!!

aaanhh... She moaned..!!

Don't moan that way, you will be in trouble..!! He said bitting her nipple..!!

He started kissing her deeply and then undressed her fully. She was like a Picasso painting. Perfect body..!! Hairless and beautiful..!! He himself got up from bed and started to undress..!!

He started kissing down her body and she stiffen and moan..!!

You look so beautiful..!! He said butting her earlobe..!!

You're not less manik..!! You look like Greek God..!! She said looking deep into his eyes.

Acha...!! Do you like the way I touch you?. He asked taking her nipples in his mouth again..!!

Ahhh... I love... I love it..!! She said holding his hair and pulling him more to her bosoms.

He suck her bosoms harder making them red..!!

He started giving love bites all over her body..!! She can't do any thing just moaning and pulling him more to her..!!

Ahh... Nandini I can't get enough of kissing you..!! He said and took her lips in to his mouth.

The kiss.. It was passionate than ever..!! Both we're kissing madly pulling each other more to them.

Their naked bodies giving them shivering..!!

Feeling her breathless he broke the kiss and turned her around so that she can face her back to him.

He started biting her back..!! And placing kisses on bite to remove her pain.

Manik..!! She called him.

Hmm.. He said kissing her bosoms from back.

I want to... She said but stopped.

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