Chapter 8

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Lauren's POV
All the vampires and werewolves were in the woods. We knew war was coming, we just didn't know when.

"We all need to train." Brad told us. "Kendall, can you just watch on the sidelines." Brad told her.

Kendall isn't a werewolf anymore since she came back to life, she's a human now. Now she's can't fight in the war because Brad doesn't want her to die again.

Kendall walked to a tree and took a seat. "Partner up and fight." Brad said walking up to Harry.

They all turned into wolves. Dinah with her brown fur and black streaks. She paired off with Louis who turned into a wolf with his black fur and blonde streaks.

Brad turned into a wolf with blond fur, and Harry had brown fur with white streaks.

I turned to my vampire family and everyone turned into a vampire. I changed, I walked up to Normani as everyone paired off.

"Don't take it easy on me." I said smiling to Normani. "Don't worry, I won't." She told me running up to me full speed and pushed me to the ground. Dirt was covering my shoulders.

I looked at her in shock. I got up dusting myself and smiled. I ran to her and grabbed onto her shirt and threw her up in a tree.

I knew she was okay since she stood on the branch and started to smile. She came down and kicked my knees and pushed me to the ground.

After hours of fighter, and hearing the wolves growl at each other we stopped. "Do you know how many there are?" Brad asked me as he transformed into a human.

"We've only seen two." I told him turning back normal.

"There has to be more. They've seen us get in two cars, so they know it's more than what they are now. They must be getting more people." Brad told all of us.

"What if they get more than us, we're only eleven of us not counting Kendall. Do we need more?" I asked.

"Could you make more newborns?" Dinah asked walking up to Brad and I.

"Of course, could you get some more wolves somehow?" I asked seeing all the wolves look at each other.

"Our cousins probably." Harry added walking up to us.

"Okay, and I'll make some newborns." I told them. "What about the ones that Ariana made with Selena and Demi?" Brad asked.

"They're bad, they almost killed Camila. Once you train them to be bad then you can't train them to be good." I told seeing Ariana look down when I looked at her.

"But I'll take the vampires with me out of town to find some kids we could make into newborns." I told them.

"Okay and I'll take the werewolves to find our cousins." Brad told us.

"Okay and we'll met back here when we're done." I said seeing Brad and everyone nod.

We went different directions, the wolves went deeper in the woods and the vampires and I went out of the woods and headed towards our house.

Are you there? I heard Camila in my head.


Can you come by?

I don't think your parents would want me in their house. I told her remembering the look her dad gave me when I met him.

Their not home.

I was already home and everyone was already packing blood and some food for the trip that might take days.

Okay, but I can't stay long.

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