Chapter 1

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Jake: gotta get over Flame Princess.

Finn: I know man...I guess I'm still just torn up about the break up.

Jake: You know what you need?.... to explore another dungeon or have an adventure!!...let's go!

Finn: haha, yeah why not.

~Finn's POV~

"I heard there's a New Dungeon full of Werewolves appeared on an island off to the east side of Ooo." said Jake.

" Cool." I said as I grabbed my demon sword.

As we walked outside I bumped into someone. "Thud!!". I looked up to see who it is. It was Marceline. She laughed a bit and helped me up.

"You should really watch where you're going Finn" said Marceline.

"Right back at ya Marcy" I said laughing a bit.

"So....where are you guys headed to?" she asked.

"To the new Dungeon we found" said Jake.

" Wanna come?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, could be fun" she said smiling.

"So....what kind of dungeon is it?" she asked curiously.

"It's more like a kingdom or something" said Jake.

" A kingdom of what?" again, she asked.

"I dunno if it's really a kingdom but, all I know is that it's full of werewolves." Jake said excitedly.

" Oh...OK" said Marceline.

"You sure about this Marcy?...." I asked.

"Yeah....I got a bone to pick with Werewolf Queen anyway..." she shrugged.

As we reached the cave, Marceline took her hat off. We went further in.

Me and Jake fought with a bunch of werewolves while Marceline fought with the Werewolf Queen. Marceline transformed, so did the Werewolf Queen. It was like a Monster smack down. After a while, the Werewolf Queen fled. " Marcy! Marcy!... that was awesome!!" I cheered. "Yeah...thanks" she smiled. "What did the Werewolf Queen do to you anyway?" Jake asked. "Nothing....we just hate each other.." said Marceline. "hahaha...let's get the junk outta here" I said laughing. When we got out, it was already night time. "So...I'm gonna head home now...see ya guys later" said Marcy as she left.

"Oh...OK yeah....see ya later" I said waving at her. I blushed as she waved back and flew away. When I turned to, Jake was giving me a weird smile. "Uhh...Jake?...why are you looking at me like that?...." I asked curiously. "Oh nothing" Jake said sarcastically. " Well stop're creeping me out" I said. "Come on dude.....let's go home and play Kompy's Castle" said Jake. " Haha OK man....race you to the treehouse!!" I said then started running. " No fair man! got a headstart!" Jake shouted as I left him behind.

Sorry if it's kinda short right now but....more updates to come!
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