Preview for Book 2- "Love and Retribution"

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"Love and Retribution"

Book 2-   Forever Love Series  


Joe is a survivor.  After taking a bullet to the gut in an effort to save her friend, she manages to come back stronger than ever.

A year later she is still living in small town, USA.  It was different from New York.  Everything moved slower, the locals were charming and a there was a certain sexy cowboy she couldn't seem to keep out of her most secretive erotic fantasies: Lev Costa. 


Lev was going to go crazy. The fiery red-head that Trina brought home after being assaulted in New York knew just how to get under his skin. Everywhere he turned, she was there. And every time she was there, he had to fight this unexplainable attraction that he had to her.

But when Joe's life becomes threatened again after an old nemesis resurfaces, he can't seem to stay away.  And the more that he's around her, the harder it becomes to fight the desire raging between them.

This time the game changes: the players are the same but the objective is revised.  

With the odds stacked against her, Joe is determined to get Aaron out of their lives once and for all.  As she gears up for the fight of her life, the gloves come off.

Now, it's time for retribution. 

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