Haunting vow

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Prologue.....1861 16th december

The girl waited, under the rose bush, just below the Lord of the mansions smoking parlour window. Snow flakes began to settle on the ground and was turning the green land into a sea of white.The girls puple dress was beginning to get damp on the hem.

She looked through the window to the granfather clock which was positioned in the left hand side of the room surronded with old furniture which was a bit tattered the red walls and the portraits made the old oak clock fit in suprisingly well. Tick,Tock it struck midnight,  it was time.The girl began to run the fastest she could which wasnt that fast due to her  layers on her dress which were damp at the bottom and slowed her down, her corset too which hardly left her any room to breath, but her mum insisted on her wearing it.' becasue it will make you look like a real women and grown up and help you gain a fine, wealthy husband.'  she scoffed at remembering the words her mum used.

The thing was she didn't want to marry a wealthy mand she was disgusted at the thought she wanted a simple life, not to be more 'important' to other people she didn't want people waiting on her hand and foot. But she had met a boy who worked in the stables he had a simple life, but he was too 'unworthy' to marry her she didn't even bother asking if she could be with him because she knew the answer.Still she planned to elope with him tonight.

The thought of Jasper waiting to run away with her, made her heart skip a beat, she could picture him stood there waiting to lead her to her dream future with his lean muscles, shaggy browngolden hair and thoose green eyes she dreamed about every night she could stare into them forever the way they sparkled when he laughed and the way he looked at her lovingly made her stomach fill with butterflies ready to escape like her body was the cacoon and they were ready to explore outside.

She reached the bridge, but he wasn't there but she was okay with that becasue he did say 'he had somethings to sort out before we elope together, so i may be late.' So while she settled down on the floor and leaned against the bridge which lead to the woods and nothing below.She pinned her lucious black wavy locks of hair back in place.......

1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours she began to worry, was he going to come? Had something happened to stop him coming? or was it all a trick? was he laughing with the servents down below in the servent quarters? at her expense? No. She thought he will come.

She contemplated waiting longer but she was so cold the snow was biting at her skin turning it blue.Her blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight as she began to get up with a sigh. suddenly she heard a scream.She lost her footing on the ice that had formed beneath her as she was trying to see were the screamhad come from.The wind blew her more out of balance or was someone pushing her? she couldnt tell the freezing weather had made her eyesight turn blurry shaddowey blackness surronded her.Thats when she realised that her life was coming to a end.

She felt her body falling effortlessy off the bridge towards the blackness below which soon would engulf her. Images and memorys flashed through her mind too fast for her to regognise but the last one was jasper smiling only yesterday. She tried to scream, but not a sound escaped her frozen blue lips.Her body began to go pale and blue, but she couldnt tell if it was becasue she was cold or becasue she was falling to her death, she closed her eyes making herself ready for the impact and thought of Jasper.

In those last seconds she vowed she would not rest until she and Jasper run away together and have the ending they should have.

A/N Thanks to anyone who reads this story.... I will try to carry it on if anyone thinks its good, I just don't know where to take the story.....so if you have any ideas please please tell me..

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