Black outs

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Ratliff POV

I was right behind rydel following her down stairs when I heard Riker talking to her I sat down on there stairs and started listening to there conversation. I really have to stop doing this!

Riker: What's wrong?


I heard rydel explain everything that happened with Kelly 2 weeks ago. I felt horrible!!!

Laura's POV

I was in Rydel's room waiting, she had left to go somewhere and just left. All of a sudden the door swung open. Rydel walked in.

Me: What's wrong?

Rydel: Nothing was just talking to Riker about Ratliff.

We heard something break from down stairs so Rydel and I ran down as fast as we could to find Riker had one hand on Ratliff's collar the other was making a fist. I ran up to Riker to tell him to stop when all of a sudden everything went black.

Riker POV

Rydel: Well i should go find laura tell her im back.

Riker: Okay, sorry about the hole Ratliff situation.

When I was listening to Rydel explain everything about Ratliff I just wanted to go up to Ratliff and punch him right in the face, and when he entered the room well the first thought that crossed my mind was just that. PERFECT TIMING!!!!!

Ross POV

I was upstairs in my room watching The Vampier Diaries, when I heard a scream from down stairs! I ran down as fast as I could to find Riker, Rydel, Rocky and Ratliff standing over top of Laura.

Me: Laura?

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