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Just another normal day at school I guess. Well not really it was raining today. And you had moved out of your parent's house and into a small apartment but you still needed a job. You thought to yourself and saw some auditions for maid duty for the Alicein family.

"Hey Y/N?"

"Oh um yes?"

"Wanna go for a bite to eat after school?"

"No thank you, I gotta go job hunting"

"Wait what?"

"I'll explain next week! Right now I gotta go! And have a nice weekened!"

"Uh ok bye?"

Your name was Y/N and you were the only child of the L/N's. Your parents were world renowned doctors. Meaning when they died all their fortunes would be handed down to you. This is the reason for having one child. It would be easier to give it to one other that split it between siblings and later argue. You moved out of your luxurious home and into the city where you lived in a very small apartment. You took the decision to move out because you wanted to know how as what your parents call them, commoners lived their everyday lives. You also bad a chance to attend a public school. You had been home schooled since you were very young. You didn't know how to act in a public school where you would always be surrounded by people. But luckily you had a wonderful personality along with your pretty little face to keep everyone busy. You were responsible and you didn't like relationships because you thought they were a bore. You promised your parents you would return someday and until then you didn't need them to send money for the rent every month. Instead you would go out and find a job. They were stunned but they couldn't say no to such a bright smile. They let you go and that brings you to today. You had to practice all weekened, how to walk, talk, and serve. You weren't sure how to do these things so you planned on winging it. You had already exhausted yourself and had sat down on the couch to eat a popsicle. You watched TV until it was time to go to sleep.But you still lay awake.

"What am I going to do?"



It's nine 'o clock and the girl stumbled upon homework from last night as she exited out the door. She threw on a dark green jacket and some skinny jeans. She ran in the direction of the Alicein Manor. Once she got there she stopped and looked around to see where she was standing. She realized she was on the Alicein grounds. She fixed her hair up and straightened her clothes. She knocked on the door to be greeted by a tall man. He had short orange hair and red eyes. You were told that there are two members in the family. And this man definitely didn't appear to be a butler.

"Why hello there!"


"May I know what your here for?"

"Oh yes um...you see I saw one of your flyers on the streets asking for-"

"Oh yes! But you won't be working as maid"

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