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It was a beautiful a Saturday morning. Kazuto, also known as Kirito by his friends, woke up to the sound of his phone ringing a sweet melodic tune, signaling that someone was calling him. He immediately knew who It was and reached for it, and then answered. "Hey Asuna," the boy yawned as a small smile appearing on his face.

"Hey Kirito," there was a slight pause before Asuna continued, "can you meet me at the park today, on our usual place?"

"Sure what time?"

"Would 10 be okay, it's a really nice day and I want to spend it with you... y'know... like we used to."

Kirito paused for a moment, putting in on what he just heard. Him and Asuna have been growing apart, so he figured that this "date" would bring the two closer again.
"Yeah, it is, want me to pick you up?"

"No, I'm good, thanks for the offer though. See ya there!"

"Yeah, oh and hey Asuna-"


"I love you."

"I love you too Kirito," she said with a voice that was a little shaky, not her usual sweet calm one.

As she hung up the phone, Kirito stared at it for a couple minutes, he thought about her shaky voice when she said "I love you", but he just shrugged it off, not worrying about it too much.

He then stood up and opened up the blinds revealing an amazing scene. The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky, birds were chirping and kids were laughing. 'Summer really is close huh, three more weeks left until I get to relax for 3 months.' He let out a small chuckle and then checked his phone for the time. '8:30, I should take shower.' With that thought in mind he got his towel, checked on Sugu, who was still
asleep, and went to the bathroom.

After about 30 minutes, Kirito went out of the bathroom and went to his room. He looked happy, really happy. The shower he took was one of the best, if not the best, he had the whole year, everything was going right for him and he had a feeling, no, he knew that this was going to be a great day.

He went downstairs and made a small breakfast for him and Sugu. He only made himself a slice of garlic bread, while he made scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes, and cheese in it with three slices garlic bread for his "sister". He put a cover on Sugu's breakfast with a note on, it

Here's a breakfast for the regional champ, enjoy ÷D. P.S. I'm gonna to go to the park to meet up with Asuna - Kazuto.

Moments later, he got his helmet, got on top of his motorcycle and drove to the park.
-----time skip-----
The drive was peaceful, especially because there was no traffic. Because of this, he was 15 minutes early. He parked his bike and went over to their usual place, the bench that was right in the middle of the park. The scenery was the same as it was when he looked out of the window in his room. As he arrived near the bench, Asuna came into view.

"Hey Asuna," Kirito said cheerfully.

"Hey Kirito," Asuna replied with that shaky voice again.

At this point Kirito was getting worried, this wasn't the Asuna he knew.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked with a clear tone that he was bothered.

"Kazuto, we need to talk."

Kirito was now 100 percent sure that something was up, she would only call him Kazuto when it was a special occasion or when it's a serious matter. Was it issues with her mom again? Is she gonna move away? Questions like this flowed into his mind.

"About what?"

"About us."

He was taken back, he had a feeling on where this was going.

"W-what do you mean?" the teen barely said.

"I'm sorry Kazuto"- Asuna started tearing up-" I'm breaking up with you."

The worse thought in his mind became reality, he was shocked, but the only word that came into his mind was why, why was she breaking up with him, why was she doing this on this day, why, after all they've been through, after all their promises, why had she decided to this now.
He was speechless, his jaw hanged open and Asuna knew that she had to continue.

"I fell in love with someone else," she started, " he and I met before I met you. In fact he was actually my best friend before the SAO incident. He was always there for me... Until it happened, but even when it did he visited the hospital I was at. Like you, my parents didn't like him so I moved to a different hospital. We also moved houses. He kept searching for me until he saw me in the shopping district a couple of months ago.. He cried and told me all about it. His adventure, the friends he made, the motivation he had. He acted like he was before I left... I guess I forgot about him when we were in that game... Since I met him, we started getting closer and closer and I ended up falling in love with him, but I ended up falling out of love with you. For some reason my parents approved of him. He felt the same way about the relationship that me and him had, but before anything happened I thought about you and I talked to him about it and Kirito I'm- I'm so sorry."

She ended up crying and Kirito ended up crying as well. He hugged her, it wasn't the kind of hug a lover would give, it was a hug that a mom would give to her crying child.

"Hey it's alright mkay," Kirito said as he comforted Asuna, "I understand now and to be honest with you I'm happy for you."

It wasn't a lie, he was happy that Asuna was happy but he was still devastated.

"The point of a relationship is to make the one you love happy right," he continued," so that's what I'm gonna do. Asuna, you mean a lot to me and I love you to death but if you're not happy, then what's the point right."

"B-but what about you Kazuto?" she cried.

"I'll be alright, don't worry, it'll take sometime but I'll be back to my good ol' self again."

He managed to put up a small smile but deep inside he was hurting bad, really bad. He didn't want to show his now ex girlfriend, or anyone basically, what he was capable of. His tears right now are just the tip of the iceberg.

"H-hey we can still be friends, right?" she asked.

"Of course," he put on a fake smile, which Asuna didn't notice, and patted her head.

Standing up and then wiping his tears, he lend out a hand to Asuna. She took it, got up and looked around, glad that they didn't make a scene. It was now 10:27, and her phone rang revealing a message that she had to go. She looked up to Kirito and smiled.

"Thanks for everything, Kazuto," she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

He smiled," I guess this is good bye, for now ."

"Yeah it is, good bye Kazuto."

"Bye Asuna."

They went their separate way, Kirito went south while Asuna went north.
Kirito got on his bike and got home. It was a depressing ride all in all, he kept repeating the moment that had occurred just a couple minutes ago. He really was happy for her, but he couldn't help feeling depressed. Not paying close attention to the road in front of him, he almost had a few incidents where he could've been killed. Putting his thoughts aside for now, he reached his home safely.

He went in and saw Sugu, who didn't notice him, he sneakily went to his room and then locked the door. He collapsed on his bed and let everything out. His cries were filled with sorrow, anger, but most of all, it contained pain. It hurt him bad. He knew that this feeling of pain and sorrow would stay for a long time, but unlike how he "knew" that this was going to be a good day, he was positive that this feeling was going to stay with him for months, maybe even years.

A/N: Aight first of all, poor Kirito, but don't worry guys he'll get better... or worse. Second, this is technically my first fanfic that I've written so I don't know how this'll go, it probably sucks but whatevs I'm basically doing it just for fun so yay.Finally, I plan on updating once or twice a week, or when I can. I'm extremely busy with training and studying and stuff but I already have notes that are near the ending of the story so I should be good to go. Thanks for reading and peace out.

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