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Pen Your Pride

Ch. 20 It Can't Wait

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    The house comes into view and we all walk inside. I see a group of wolves in the kitchen. Most look terrified, so I know they're some of the wolves that dad, Lennox and Andrew will be interrogating. This is ridiculous, I doubt anyone here wanted us dead. The people that wanted us dead are in that meadow.
"What happened?" Mom yells, rushing to my side.
I show her my wrist. "I think it's broken. I need to go get it looked at, can you take me?"
"Of course, sweetie."
"She's not going anywhere alone, she needs a guard." Andrew says, looking at Lennox.
"Do you have any men you trust?" Lennox questions, dad.
Dad growls, "Not right now."
"You go with her." Andrew orders. I know Lennox needs to stay to question people, he wouldn't leave it to someone else.
Interrupting I say, "Anyone that wanted me hurt was in that field. You can trust your men dad." A couple of his men are nodding at what I'm saying.
"She's right." Mom seconds.
"Alright, Damon you go with Jen and Jocelyn." Dad orders.
I don't bother changing, the shirt covers me to my knees anyway. I won't lie I'm a little hurt by the fact that Lennox isn't coming with me. But my safety and finding out who tried to kill me is his top priority.
    We get in the black Hummer and mom drives to the doctor's office in the middle of the suburban town. Damon opens the door for me and we walk into the building. There are a few people, but we're emitted immediately by a nurse and taken to a room. I sit on the exam table hearing the crunch of the white paper underneath me. I look down at my wrist, it's already starting to swell and turn a dark bluish purple.
"Does it hurt? Do you want me to ask for some pain reliever?" Mom asks, wincing at the sight of my wrist.
"No that's okay, it's only bad when I move it." I answer as a young man around twenty-nine comes in the room. My first thought is that Marta would eat him alive. He has dark blonde hair and blue eyes, her favorite. Then again everyone is Marta's dream-wolf, I'm still calling her as soon as I leave.
"Hello, I'm Doctor Sanders." He introduces himself to my mom and I out of respect.
He lifts my wrist gently and examines it. "It's already swelling and bruising. I'd say you have multiple breaks in your wrist and possibly your hand. I'll need to take you in for an x-ray."
I nod in acknowledgement and he writes a few things down on my chart. "Is there a possibly that you're pregnant?"
"No, I'm on my period."
"Are you allergic to any medications?"
"Great if you'll follow me we'll get those x-rays." I get down and follow him down the hall. He opens the door and I go in. I watch as he turns on the machine and takes a grey lead vest from the wall. He puts it over my head and moves my hair.
"What happened to your neck?"
"A wolf attacked me." I reply.
"That's a kill shot."
"I know my mate and father are looking into it." I assure him.
"It needs to be cleaned, before you leave." He states, laying my wrist on a flat surface. He turns out the lights and lowers a hanging device, hitting a button once. A nurse comes in to help and after a few painful x-rays involving moving my wrist to different angles, we stop and he takes the vest off. "Let's clean that wound on your neck while they develop." We walk back to the room while the nurse waits for the x-rays. Mom is pacing and looks relieved when we come back in. "Sit down and I'll get started." He orders, taking out alcohol and gauze. I do as he says and he starts on my neck. The burning and stinging sensation makes me flinch, he finishes and wraps the wound.
There's a knock on the door and a nurse comes in with a folder. The doctor takes it from her and turns on the light hanging on the wall. Pushing the black looking x-rays onto the screen. He studies them then turns to me. "You have a fractured wrist, your radius and the scaphoid are broken. I'll need to put a cast on your hand and wrist."
I nod really just wanting this to be over with. I keep getting an anxious feeling and I know its Lennox worrying about me. I'm given a black cast, pain killers and extra gauze for my neck.
On the way back to the house I ask, "Mom, can I use your phone?"
"Sure." She replies, handing it to me in the back seat. I dial Marta's number and she picks up after the second ring.
"Hey, it's me. I just met the wolf of your dreams. He's a doctor with dark blonde hair and blue eyes."
"At the doctors office. I broke my wrist."
"Again? You're such a klutz." She laughs.
I let her laughter wash over me. "I miss you." I say.
"Miss you too. When are you coming back?"
"Couple days."
"How's your real family?" She inquires and I can hear her crying softly.
"You'd love them, especially Jessica. Next time you need to come with me." I hear her hiccup. "Marta it's fine. Don't cry it's not your fault." Trying to think of a way to cheer her up I tell her, "I had to distract Lennox from attacking another Alpha."
She stops crying and giggles, "What'd you do?"
"I put my shirt over his head, while I was still wearing it." I grumble.
She laughs. "I would've killed to see that!"
Loving that she's happy again I add, "There's more."
"No way." She says, amused.
"It was in front of my dad." I wince, remembering.
"You can never leave home without me ever again!"
I chuckle. "Agreed." I see that we're pulling up to the house. "I love you, sis."
"Love you too."
"I'll call you tomorrow." I assure her.
"Okay, bye."
"Bye." I hang up and give the phone back to my mom as the car stops. I move to open the door, but Lennox opens it for me.
"That took entirely too long."
"Did you find anything?" I ask, almost afraid to know the answer.
"Nothing yet." He picks up my wrist. "I'll kill whoever did this."
"I'm pretty sure I already did." Andrew states, from behind Lennox. "We're ready to get started on the next interrogation."
"Don't leave the house." Lennox tells me.
"I won't. I'm tired I'll probably go lay down." He walks us inside and kisses my head before I walk up the staircase to our room.
    I close the door to our bedroom behind me. Grabbing a change of clothes I take a bath, I'm careful of my cast and neck. Relaxing against the back of the tub, I can feel myself getting sleepy so I get out and dry off. I dress quickly and drag myself to bed, snuggling under the covers I fall asleep.
    I wake up when the sun is just starting to rise. I slept through all day yesterday. I look to Lennox side and notice it's untouched. I use the toilet, thanking God I only have three day periods. I walk downstairs quietly, I know if Lennox didn't come to bed he's still with my dad and Andrew. I knock on the office door already knowing they're behind it. "Come in." I hear dad's tired voice. I open the door and smell the stale coffee.
"Have you been up all night?" I ask, worried. Going to the couch where Lennox and Andrew are sitting.
"Yeah." Dad answers. "We don't have any real leads."
"That's bullshit. Talk to Rachel. She was seen with two of the four wolves we killed." Andrew states, irritated.
"I told you Rachel wouldn't do this!" Dad roars, standing up.
"Then talk to her! Get her story!" Andrew shouts back, still managing to look relaxed.
Lennox pulls me into his lap holding me tightly. I can see my father's anger. I hate to side with Andrew, but he's right. I don't think it's Rachel, but it wouldn't hurt to talk to her. She might have heard something and doesn't even realize it.
"We're talking to her." Lennox states, looking straight at dad. Finally, dad nods in understanding.
"I'll get her." Dad replies, heavy hearted and leaves the room.
"Why does he look so sad? Rachel wouldn't be a part of this." I say.
"She did it. He knows it too." Andrew responds.
I look at him. "You can't possibly know that."
He raises an eyebrow at me. "You're entirely too sweet and innocent." He replies, smirking.
I look at Lennox who looks distracted. "Do you think she did it?" I ask him.
"She did it." He nods.
"Why? I whisper, shocked.
He doesn't reply, but looks to the door questionably. Dad comes back in. "She's gone." He says, holding a piece of paper.
"Of course she is." Andrew replies, holding out his hand for the paper. Dad gives it to him and I watch as he reads it. "Ouch, she's harsh." Andrew hands the paper to Lennox.
Lennox holds it front of us and we both read:

Dad, yes, it was me. I tried to have them both killed. I enjoyed every day that bitch you call a wife suffered from losing her precious baby. Now, she's back and I can't have that. You only have yourself to blame. Did you once think of my mother before you moved on to that whore?
I want you to suffer I want the whole family to suffer. It will happen, I'll have my way very soon.

She wants my mom and dad to suffer for betraying her mom? "I thought your first mate passed away?"
"She did. She died giving birth to Rachel, Jenna is the only mother she's ever known." Dad answers, looking completely worn out.
"You need rest. All of you need rest."
"We're meeting Rhys in a couple hours." Dad responds, yawning.
"Do you want me to make you breakfast?" I question, instead of arguing with them.
"No, I'm fine." Dad responds, still looking lost.
Lennox stands up and carries me out of the room. "What are you doing?"
"Going to bed."
"That's a good idea, but I just got up." I say, hoping he puts me down.
He smirks. "Me too." I gasp at him. We can't have sex in my parents' house! The woods sure, but not the house!
He opens the door with me still in his arms. "Can't you wait until we're back at home?" I ask, whispering.
"No, I can't wait." He replies, sounding so truthful I can't help but smile. He lays down on his back leaving me sitting up and straddling his waist. His fingers run up my thighs under my shorts. "You teased me in the woods."
I blush. "I did."
"Take off your clothes." He orders. "Slowly."
    I hesitate only a second before I start lifting the hem of my shirt. I go slowly, letting it caress my skin before pulling it off completely. I watch his eyes darken and shift to climb off of him to get rid of the rest of my clothes. I feel his eyes on me as I lower my shorts and underwear, stepping out of them. I hear him move taking off his shirt and sliding down his pants. He grabs me by the waist and brings me back over him, pulling me down to kiss him. His soft lips and warm mouth dominate mine, making me want him desperately. He sits up and I have no choice but to follow still kissing him. His hands lift me by my butt and lowers me slowly on his hardness. I break the kiss moaning loudly, nearly coming apart when his mouth finds his mark on the good side of my neck.
    I rock back and forth and he lays back down. He watches me above him and helps move my hips in time with his own thrusts. When his fingers find my pleasure point I scream his name. By the time we're done I start to hear movement in the house and everyone waking up. I collapse on his chest and he carries me into the shower. I stand with my arm out of the spray, preserving my cast as he washes my body.

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