Ch. 20 It Can't Wait

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The house comes into view and we all walk inside. I see a group of wolves in the kitchen. Most look terrified, so I know they're some of the wolves that dad, Lennox and Andrew will be interrogating. This is ridiculous, I doubt anyone here wanted us dead. The people that wanted us dead are in that meadow.

"What happened?" Mom yells, rushing to my side.

I show her my wrist. "I think it's broken. I need to go get it looked at, can you take me?"

"Of course, sweetie."

"She's not going anywhere alone, she needs a guard." Andrew says, looking at Lennox.

"Do you have any men you trust?" Lennox questions, dad.

Dad growls, "Not right now."

"You go with her." Andrew orders. I know Lennox needs to stay to question people, he wouldn't leave it to someone else.
Interrupting I say, "Anyone that wanted me hurt was in that field. You can trust your men dad." A couple of his men are nodding at what I'm saying.

"She's right." Mom seconds.

"Alright, Damon you go with Jen and Jocelyn." Dad orders.

I don't bother changing, the shirt covers me to my knees anyway. I won't lie I'm a little hurt by the fact that Lennox isn't coming with me. But my safety and finding out who tried to kill me is his top priority.

We get in the black Hummer and mom drives to the doctor's office in the middle of the suburban town. Damon opens the door for me and we walk into the building. There are a few people, but we're emitted immediately by a nurse and taken to a room. I sit on the exam table hearing the crunch of the white paper underneath me. I look down at my wrist, it's already starting to swell and turn a dark bluish purple.

"Does it hurt? Do you want me to ask for some pain reliever?" Mom asks, wincing at the sight of my wrist.

"No that's okay, it's only bad when I move it." I answer as a young man around twenty-nine comes in the room. My first thought is that Marta would eat him alive. He has dark blonde hair and blue eyes, her favorite. Then again everyone is Marta's dream-wolf, I'm still calling her as soon as I leave.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Sanders." He introduces himself to my mom and I out of respect.


He lifts my wrist gently and examines it. "It's already swelling and bruising. I'd say you have multiple breaks in your wrist and possibly your hand. I'll need to take you in for an x-ray."

I nod in acknowledgement and he writes a few things down on my chart. "Is there a possibly that you're pregnant?"

"No, I'm on my period."

"Are you allergic to any medications?"


"Great if you'll follow me we'll get those x-rays." I get down and follow him down the hall. He opens the door and I go in. I watch as he turns on the machine and takes a grey lead vest from the wall. He puts it over my head and moves my hair.

"What happened to your neck?"

"A wolf attacked me." I reply.

"That's a kill shot."

"I know my mate and father are looking into it." I assure him.

"It needs to be cleaned, before you leave." He states, laying my wrist on a flat surface. He turns out the lights and lowers a hanging device, hitting a button once. A nurse comes in to help and after a few painful x-rays involving moving my wrist to different angles, we stop and he takes the vest off.

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