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luke: did you know that blue birds can't see the colour bleu

luke: blue*

luke: did you know that hippo milk is pink

luke: did you know that hippo's sweat are pink

luke: did you know that hippo's sweat turns red when they're upset?

cool ass michael: u already told me that one

cool ass michael: also where are the emojis???? ))))):

luke: i'm too lazy to find some emojis lol

cool ass michael: o then ok

luka: there i changed it a bit

luka: is it fine

cool ass michael: idk i miss the emojis

luka: i'm 2 lazy 2 add them

luka: maybe tomorrow i'll add some emojis

cool ass michael: deleted message

luka: omg why do you always delete your messages));

cool ass michael: bc i say stupid things

luka: yeah i bet

cool ass michael: no really

luka: yeah i bet

cool ass michael: i'M NOT KIDDING

luka: yeah i bet

cool ass michael: i hate you

luka: you love me

cool ass michael: true

luka: wait what

cool ass michael: gtg oopopopsospospopsospps

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