Happy Birthday #1

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Flash back

The worst day of my life happened on my 8th birthday it should of been a day of happiness but instead turned into a blood bath.

"Alice darling wake up its your birthday"
I hear my mother say softly to me I open my eyes and smile immediately excited that it's my birthday

"Morning Moma"

"Good morning daring did you have good dreams"

"yes I was flying in my dream"

"That sound amazing" she then looks at me like she wants to tell me something she places her hand on my cheek and says "never lose your imagination Alice always be strong and kind you will make a fine Queen"

"Thank you Moma" she had never said anything before about me becoming Queen I always assumed my older sister would take the throne

"Now let's get dressed you have a big day today"

I put on this blue dress that my mother bought as a birthday gift it was so beautiful she always told me blue was my color that it brought out my blue eyes.
I make my way down our staircase I see my father at the bottom of the stairs I hurry down he opens his arms I leap into them and giggle

"Happy Birthday princess" he says spinning me around

"Happy Unbirthday to you" I reply back he sets me down

"Are you excited for your birthday party today"

"YES!" I yell with excitement
"Where's Anna?" I ask him I haven't seen her around for the last week

"Your sister is around here somewhere" he says with a forced smile then adds "there's someone waiting for you outside in the garden"

I run outside to the garden, our garden is so breathtaking my mother planted everything herself there were so many white roses mine and hers favorite and everything was so green
The garden seemed like you could keep walking forever
"Hello is anyone there" I call out but no one replied I then see in the corner of my eye something behind one of the bushes I sneak over there
"Boo!" I yell while jumping behind the bushes but no one was there

"Nice try Alice" I hear behind me I turn around and see my best friend Kurt Hatter he's a little older than me with jet black hair and piercing green eyes and his signature smirk on his face
"Happy Birthday Alice" Kurt does a bow

"Thank you Happy Unbirthday to you" I do a curtsy I then hug him he hugs me back so tightly like he never wants to let me go but eventually he does

"I got you something"

"You didn't have to really"

"Of course I did your my girl" that makes me blush. He hands me a small box I take it from him and open it it's so beautiful it's a necklace with a rose on it

"I know it's not much but I" he looks down I surprise him with a tight hug

"I love it Kurt" I smile at him he grabs the necklace and puts it on me

"You look beautiful" that make me blush again
Then he looks at me serious and adds "you know I would do anything for you right?"

"Of course just as I would for you"

He smiles and grabs my hand "come on we better get going you don't want to be late you know how he feels about you being late"

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