Russian God

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This chapter rated m sex scene. You have been warned don't like then don't read.
I was sleeping peacefully in my soft bed. I had my warm gray flowered comforter wrapped around me. I was in a deep relaxed sleep that was until I heard.... beep beep beep. I grabbed my alarm clock and threw it at the wall. It shattered. I thought to myself no more waking up at 4:30 am anymore. That was until I heard a banging at my door.
"Thump thump thump... Roza if you don't open this God damn door I will tear it down myself."
I thought to myself that's the only door I'm getting... libing in a dorm at this vampire academy so I got up as he continued banging on my door. Dimitri my mentor. Came in my room. It was all fine until I realized he was starring. Last night I guess I fell asleep in my black lace Victoria Secret bra and matching underwear. I guess my hair cascading in waves down my back didn't help him much. So me being mischievous said
" see something you like"
I heard him growl. I knew Dimitri liked me I just didn't know how much until now. He said
"Screw it, forget about practice I wouldn't be able to think clearly anyway."
I didn't know what he meant until he shut the door and locked it with a click. I then saw his manhood with a buldge in his pants. He threw me in the bed. And he removed his shirt. Then he removed his shorts and underwear with one quick motion. I was wet. But he was huge. I didnt know how he was going to fit. My mouth was gapping open and it went dry. I was sure my eyes were bugging out of my head, because that's when Dimitri always being a gentlemen said.
"Roza are you okay with this..." as he removed my bra at the back clasp. He put his mouth around my right erect nipple and sucked. And I moaned. He chuckled and said
"I guess that answers my question."
Then this cane out of my mouth
"Dimitri your huge I don't know how your going to fit."
Then I realized I said it out loud covered my mouth and blushed.
Dimitri said
" don't cover your mouth I can think of better things to do with that mouth."
I didn't realize Dimitris hands were on my hip bones until he pulled off my panties in one quick swipe. He looked me in the eyes and said
"Rose you're beautiful"
I blushed again which is very unlike me. He didn't even warm my he just pushed it in me. The whole long juicy piece of meat. That not even including his eight pack abs and my six pack running against each other. He was thrusting so deep inside me I didn't know hold much longer I would last. That was until Dimitri said in Russian
"cum for me baby"
And I cumed. Dimitri cumed right after me. Then we both showered (because you save water if you know what I mean) *wink wink 😉😉* then I got dressed out on my uniform and went to school. I knew Dimitri got dressed and went to guard duty. The beginning of the day was great but in the middle I got into a fight...
Till next time... much love

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