Chapter 36

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Your P.O.V

I got up and got dressed. It was hard with the bump in the way, but I managed. I applied my red lipstick and walked downstairs to get my brother. "Chris? Chris, we have to go. Chris?", I shouted. I walked into the living room and his eyes were glued to the t.v. news station. I heard the reporter. "We have been informed by a source that Y/N L/N has left Sherlock Holmes because he cheated on her. We have also been informed that it was for a case.". Sherlock's face came onto the t.v.. He started to speak:

"Y/N, if you're watching this, Im so so sorry. It was all for a case. I realise now that I shouldnt have thrown away all we had. And all we were about to have"

I rested my hand on my stomach.

"Please come home. I feel empty without you. I need you. I need you both", he finished.

I pretended I didnt hear and walked into the living room. "Chris, lets go", i sighed. "John, Mary? Are you coming?", I asked. "Yeah", they said as they came trudging downstairs. We got there and there were loads of people already there. Sawyer, Robert, Tom and Chris E. They all started walking up to us. Then Sierra came running straight through them with her little boy. I laughed. She gave me a massive hug. "Aww he's gorgeous! What's his name?", I asked. "Scott", she smiled. I remembered Sherlock and his full name for a second and then he was gone. "Its a lovely name", I smiled. Soon enough the christening was over. And my brother's friends, John, Sawyer and I walked outside to be bombarded by press. Mary couldnt come because she was having a mood swing and couldnt be bothered to get up and get ready. I was about to walk away but Tom said, "Dont let him see that hes getting to you". We all posed. John put his hand on my bros shoulder, my bro put his hand on Chris E's shoulder, Chris E put his hand around my waist. On the other side, Sawyer put his hand on Rob's shoulder, Rob put his hand on Tom's shoulder and Tom put his hand around my waist. We all smiled. Then I noticed a familiar face making his way towards me. My heart stopped and I asked the guys if we could go home. We started to walk away, and a hand was placed on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was and jerked him away. "What the hell are you doing here!", I shouted. "Please Y/N I wanted to say sorry", he begged. "No Sherlock, sorry isnt good enough. You cheated on me!", I shouted. By this time all the guys had turned around. My brother must have recognised him from the t.v. He was about to punch him. But I put up my hand and stopped him. "Hes not worth it Chris", I nodded weakly. "Sherlock, I thought I knew who you were. Y/N thought so too. You have really, really let us down. So i suggest you walk away before I lamp you one again", John said breathing in and out. He really was like another big brother. Everyone else was drawing him dagger looks. I told Chris that I was going with Sawyer to go see Winter again. Chris and his friends walked to the shops. Sawyer walked to the Marine Aquarium and I walked home to get changed. I couldnt wait to go and see Winter to take my mind off everything thats happened recently. I got a phone call from Mikey. "Mycroft", I said annoyed as I answered it. "Y/N, please dont be annoyed with me. I had nothing to do with it. I am not responsible for my idiot brother's actions", He sighed. He sounded genuinely upset. "Sorry for taking it out on you Mycroft", I sighed. "Its alright Y/N and thats Mikey to you", he laughed. I laughed too and we said our goodbyes.

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