Chapter 35

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Your P.O.V

I walked to Clearwater Marine Aquarium and got there really quickly. I got in through the back entrance and was greeted by Roofus the bird. I walked in and just looked like another passer-by. I got up to the dolphin reserve and started to make my way towards Winter. I loved Winter. She was the first dolphin I looked after and I had a special bond with her."Woah, stop there! That Dolphin is off limits to public visitors just now", A familiar voice said. "Is it off limits to me?", I said pretending to be offended as I turned around. "Y/N?", he asked. "In the flesh, Sawyer!", I laughed. I used to date his cousin Kyle. He was older than me but we really liked each other. We dated for a serious 6 years and we were engaged until we decided that we had grown apart and Kyle felt really insecure about his prosthetic leg around girls so he stopped dating. "Sawyer? Where's Winter's bot-- Y/N?!", a female voice asked. "Hazel!", I shouted. We all had a group cuddle of course, my belly getting in the way. We caught up about everything that had happened to us. "Are you going to the christening tomorrow?", I asked Sawyer. "Wouldnt miss it for the world", He smiled. "Hazel?", I asked. "Sorry, I cant. I need to go with my dad to some meeting about Hope", she sighed. "Dont worry", I smiled. "I better head home now to get some sleep", I said. We said our goodbyes and I headed home. I got changed into my pjs:

I walked upstairs and fell asleep on my bed right away

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I walked upstairs and fell asleep on my bed right away.


Sorry for the short chapter, wanted to get to the next one as fast as possible.


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