Chapter 33

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Your P.O.V

I woke up and got ready. I left my hair down in its usual curly hairstyle. And I stepped outside and I realised John and Mary had already put the suitcases in a taxi and were just getting ready to leave. They gave me a weak smile and I stuck a pair of sunglasses on so no one would recognise me. We got into the cab and headed for the airport. We got there and there were loads of press. I just dragged my cases behind me and we boarded the plane. Soon enough it took off. I turned the plane t.v on and switched to the news. A picture of me just at the airport there. The caption read: "Just Mother and Baby?". I put my hand on my baby bump. The news reporter read,  "Y/N L/N spotted at airport without famous locket and wedding ring where there was no sign of Mr Holmes. The infamous duo have been inseperable since Mr Holmes proposal at John and Mary Watson's wedding." I switched the t.v off and went for a sleep. I woke up just as the plane was landing. I got off and ran to my mum and dad. "Oh Y/N, honey, is it true?", my mum asked. I nodded. "He cheated on me", i said tearfully. I put my hand on my stomach. "He cheated on us", I added.

-----------------Time Skip-----------------

My parents said it was perfectly fine, that John and Mary could stay with us for the time being. We got home and I settled into my old room. I heard a knock on my door. I opened it. My older brother stood there. Chris Hemsworth. My parents adopted him when he was younger way before I was born. I loved him like a biological brother. I gave him a massive cuddle. "Wow, you're showing!", he laughed with his Aussie accent. "Did he cheat on you? Because thats what mum and dad are saying.", he asked annoyed. "Yeah, he did. We were engaged and everything.", I sighed. "But I dont wanna talk about him", I said. We sat and caught up about everything that happened. The doorbell downstairs went. Chris smiled. "Perhaps you might wanna get that?", he asked. I walked downstairs and threw my sunglasses on the couch. I fixed my curls and opened the door. "Hello can I help y-- Oh my god!", I squealed. Some of the avengers cast stood there: Chris Evans, Rob Downey Jnr. and Tom Hiddleston.
I gave them all massive hugs. They had known me since I was born. They were my best friends for my whole life. Literally. They all came in. We sat and caught up. "Well he doesnt deserve you Y/N", Chris E said. Just then Mary and John walked down the stairs. "Y/N you are aware half of the Avengers cast is sitting beside you!", John yelled. I laughed and introduced them. "Y/N you should stop by at the Marine Centre. They would love to see you.", Tom said. I know, I didnt have a lot of friends my age apart from three. I was very anti-social. I decided i was going to stop by. John and Mary went out to explore the sights and I went to Clearwater.

I am adding in a part for one special girl who has always been there for me whilst writing this book. She wants to be a Marin Biologist so... watermelonhannah246 xx

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