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"Hurry! We must get back to headquarters and report what's happening between the vampires and werewolves!! Don't let them catch you!!" "Run faster! One of them is gaining on us!!" "Quickly, one of us has to at least signal of what's to come!!!"

That night, one of those times when an uproar between vampires and werewolves started a war between one another fighting for survive. Of course, one of the basic things both races knew what was needed to outdone the other was to hunt down for victims, who wonder in the forest at night for night strolls, to increase their numbers. We human hunters, peacekeepers and healers had been around for as long as they have been around. Years ago, one day one of our bravest, best and strongest warriors/guardians had had enough of all the war that led to nothing but pain, misery and bitter cold of darkness until almost many had either their lives or mysteriously disappeared without a trace. When a war is finally over, it takes many moths or years for everything to be alright again; birds singing happily at the brightest point of day, flowers blooming beautifully again, trees and grass are growing back to beautiful green again, etc.

As everyone has known all too well, vampires and werewolves has always been natural enemies to one another for many generations. However, there are legends that some vampire who would rather coexist peaceably and who are vegetarian, the kind who hunt animal and not human but for some reason, fall in love with a human; and some werewolves who don't hunt humans at all but also want to coexist with humans and they too, some would fall in love with a human. But there are some who have a small glimmer of hope that one day, all three races will live in complete peace, harmony and prosperity; no more war or hatred amongst the three races.


"Paul, what are you doing here? It's really late. I need my rest and still recover," I said, as I winced in pain and exhaustion. "I came to see you because I heard the news as to what happened to you out on patrol from yesterday. So I came to see if you were alright," he says, with concern.

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