abused and misused

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"Wes, I'm sorry! It won't happen again!" you screamed backing up against the wall. The rage he had radiating off of him and onto you, frightening you.

"You slipped up... Like always!" he growled. Clenched fists and bearing teeth came towards you.

"I didn't know Christian didn't know about us," you whimpered, trying to scurry away from him.

"No one fucking knows," he sneered, "You're a fucking ugly loser, I'm not exactly flaunting you off!" 

Tears began to find their way down your cheeks.

"You're so useless!" he groaned, turning on his heel.

"I'm sorry," you cried out.

"Stop saying sorry," he screamed, whipping himself around and slapping you right across the face. Burning poured through your left cheek as you cried out in pain. Once Wes turned around, you ran out the door and down the street. 

A scream raked through your chest as you tore your eyes open. Another sleepless night was apart of the agenda now. This memory never ceased to haunt you. Thankfully, the ringing of your phone took you out of your thoughts. It was Cody, Wes's friend. No one knew about the night. Cody was aware a boy hurt you, but never knew who it was. Shakily, your finger slid across the screen, answering his call.

"H-hello," you stuttered in a shaky voice.

"Hey, beautiful. You okay?" he questions.

"Not really," you sniffled, trying to hold back the tears that wanted to spill.

"The dream again?" he sighed.

"Yes," you murmured.

"God, I wanna kill this scum bag," Cody growled through the phone. 

Silence was your only response.

"I'm gunna be over in ten minutes," Cody breathed, hanging up suddenly.

The next ten minutes were spent with you trying to decide what to tell Cody if he happened to ask who hurt you. With a shaky breath, you thought of every possible answer to give to any of his questions. Again, your thoughts were cut short to a knock at your window. This wasn't the first time Cody had sneaked over to your room. Once your window was open, Cody crawled in.

"y/n," he frowned to see little tears working their way down your cheeks.

"Wes," you blurted, eyes bulging. 

"He did it," Cody got out with a clenched jaw.

"N-no," you stuttered out, nervously.

"I'm... going to kill him," he seethed. His pupils enlarged and eyes became a darker blue with pure rage.

"Cody! Please! No!" you cried out, clinging onto his arm as he stormed around your room. Hostile words left his mouth over and over again until he looked down to see your cheeks had become waterfalls.

"y/n," he frowned, cradling your sad self. Tears pricked at the edge of his icy eyes as he looked down at your distraught and terrified state. "He's not going to hurt you again," he sighed, cautiously moving the two of you towards your bed. Easily, Cody scooped you into his arms and laid down with your tiny, fearful figure enveloped in his warm embrace. It took everything in Cody not to rush out of your house and beat the living heck out of Wes, but he knew that wouldn't resolve anything nor would it make you any less scared. The possibility entered his mind of him hurting Wes could created you to fear Cody as you fear Wes. Violence wouldn't help your image in your eyes. All he wanted was to be everything you wanted. He desired to be the one to keep you safe, calm, and most of all, happy.

Tear after tear, Cody held you, cooing to you comforting things until you were on the brink of sleep. Crying exhausted you as did your mind running a billion miles an hour. Over being scared of Wes, you closed your eyes and tried to welcome slumber. What felt like minutes with your eyes closed had actually been an hour. Cody -- thinking you were asleep -- mumbled out three words that you never thought would be said towards you:

"I love you."

Between Cody's warm embrace and the boy of your dreams loving you, sleep overtook you.


The next morning you woke up to shivers since Cody wasn't laying in bed with you any longer. As grogginess escaped you, worry worked it's way through you. Where had Cody gone? Only one place would make sense at this moment and time... Wes's place.

Call after call, text after text, Cody didn't answer. Worry had turned into panic. Too many gory, scary, images and scenes ran through your mind as you ran towards Wesley's apartment. The mile run felt like decades with your whole mind focused on finding Cody to be unharmed.

Once you reached Wesley's place, you barged into the unlocked door to see Wes on top of Cody, punching Cody's face. Shrieks left your lips as you ushered yourself towards the brawl. Screams of terror passed through your swollen lips. At the sight of you Cody felt his heart sink. Your face wasn't full of fear, it was full of terror.

When Wes broke out of his trance, he made his way towards you. Scrambling to get away from him, you tripped over the messy floor and landed with a thud. 

"You little bitch! Look what you caused! How dare you! Fucking worthless piece of shit!" Wes growled. Just as his body towered over you, Cody rammed Wes across the room. Your breathing was erratic as you stared into Cody's protective eyes.

"Run," he panted. His eyes left yours and returned to Wes. Hurriedly, Cody pinned Wes to the floor and started his payback. All the pain he caused you. All the pain he caused Cody from seeing you scared and hurt. All of it created an enraging feeling in Cody's gut. Punches were thrown at Wes's face as you cried in fear. Finally, a loud thud and the door being thrown open stopped the intensifying scene to halt. Police swarmed into the room and handcuffed Wes. Paramedics rushed towards you and Cody. Shock coursed through every bit of you as Cody ran over to hold you. All he wanted to do was tell Wes to stay away from you in order to keep you safe, but instead it turned into you almost getting hurt again.

"I'm here," he breathed, embracing you. Rocking you back and forth into his arms, you were finally put at ease. "I told you he would never hurt you again."

After a couple minutes of being consoled by Cody, you were able to utter out three words he always wanted to hear pass your beautiful, soft lips:

"I love you." 

The three words were directed towards him, causing a painful, but happy, grin to break out onto his -- somehow still beautiful -- face. Pain wasn't being felt by Cody anymore as he locked you in his arms and kissed you gently. A kiss so gentle, warm, and safe. Showing how sweet and caring a male could be towards you. Showing how in love Cody was with you.

"I'll always keep you safe, y/n, because I love you."

a/n: okay i by no means believe wes would physically harm a girl. he has never done so. this is purely fiction. and i do not believe he will ever do so. so please don't think i believe he would. again this is purely fiction and was requested. 

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