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Your POV:

Throughout the entire day I couldn't stop thinking about Gaara's actions from this morning. When he nearly pushed me out the door I can see his facial features twisting from restrainment, trying to refrain himself from being too rough with me.

As I walked towards the pick up area with Alfred, a theory that was replaying itself in my head throughout the day appeared before me once more.

He knows I'm lying.

At this point I accept it as an assumption. Why else would he ask me a second time if I was lying? And why did he get so mad when I told him I wouldn't lie to him?

I lowered my head and grimaced as I walked, hoping Alfred wouldn't notice. I told Gaara I would never lie to him when I just did...twice. No wonder he was so mad at me, I just betrayed him. He probably can't stand me at this point.

Suddenly, an awful thought occurred to me and it took a lot of my willpower for me not to let out a gasp of anguish.

What if he ran away?

My calm steps turned into a face paced walk.

"(Y/N)?" Alfred called to me as he noticed my hurried steps.

"I'm sorry Alfred I really need to get home as soon as possible, I just remembered something, I'll see you tomorrow during class!"

"O-oh? Um okay, sure," he said as he waved me off with a puzzled expression.

I sent him a smile before I began to sprint towards my destination. Worry began to consume me with each step I took. What if the thought of me not trusting him got to him and he...he...

My vision grew blurry as fresh tears formed themselves upon my eyes. My vision only grew worse as I tried my hardest not to let them fall.
What if he's found wondering the streets and gets taken into a foster home? What if he's given to a terrible family that forces him to do their bidding? What if they only feed him twice a week and tell him horrible things?

What if they...abuse?...

I closed my eyes and shook my head, forcing myself not to finish that thought. I could no longer hold back my tears as I neared the pick up area, the thoughts pushed me over the edge.

Before I arrived I wiped my eyes quickly and started to search frantically for my mom.

I've only known Gaara for a few days but that doesn't mean I don't care for him. He's becoming a close friend to me and I couldn't stand the thought of him getting taken away into a terrible environment.

I don't want Gaara to get hurt...

But...he already is hurt, and the one who hurt him was me...

More tears formed in my eyes and I forced them to stop as I spotted my mom. I ran to the car and jumped in.

"Are you okay? Did that little snot Bridget tell you anything?"

I shook my head and gathered myself together, trying to stray away from my pessimistic thoughts.

"No, I got a few glares but other than that she kept her distance."

"Let her glare at you, she's just jealous of your beautiful traits."

I laughed and thanked her, trying to hide my gloomy state from earlier. I looked out the window, hoping to get back to the house as soon as possible. As luck would have it, we got red lights all the way to the house, with each stop and wait I fidgeted in my chair as I grew more and more anxious. My mom noticed this but I whipped up the excuse of needing to use the restroom and she bought it.

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