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Today mommy and all my aunts are taking me on holiday to Greece and I'm so excited! Mommy says I have to act like a big girl the whole way there though, even in the airport! "Y/n baby I need you to come out of your headspace until we get to the hotel in Greece ok?"
"But mommy that's so long!"
"I know princess but if you do mommy might give you a little treat later"
She chuckled
"Yes baby"
(A:N I'm not going to spell things differently, you know how little kids say certain words)
"Okay mommy"
"Right babygirl we're all going to leave the room for five minutes so you can come out of your headspace okay?" I simply nodded and watched as they left the room trying not to get upset.


Lauren and the girls walked back in and saw that I was out of my headspace because I had changed the tv channel to the music channel and was singing along whilst banging my head to the music. "Y/N baby ready to go?"
"Yeah Lo just give me two secs I need to pee" I looked down and also remembered I was still in a diaper "and to change" I glanced down at my outfit. Lauren nodded and said I had 5 minutes before we needed to leave. I walked into the bathroom and stripped off all my clothes including my diaper before sitting on the toilet and peeing, I then walked into my adult closet and put on some boy shorts along with jeans and Lauren's 1975 jumper.

I walked downstairs with my phone in my hand and grabbed my case dragging it to the car and getting in watching Lauren put it in the trunk for me

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I walked downstairs with my phone in my hand and grabbed my case dragging it to the car and getting in watching Lauren put it in the trunk for me. I sat in the back of the car next to my car seat because I wasn't allowed to be in headspace which meant no hello kitty car seat today 😩.

We got to the airport and I was getting fidgety, I didn't like being out of my headspace and Lauren and the girls knew that, but they didn't want to have to deal with dodgy looks for me acting like a child, not because they were bothered but because it would only upset me. So really I guess it was for my own good. We went through security and everything and found some seats to wait for our boarding call, I lay my head in Lauren's lap so I was on my left side facing the gangway. I began to feel sleepy and being as I didn't have a pacifier I slowly put my thumb in my mouth. Lauren saw and gave me my hello kitty doll to cuddle with so that I would fall asleep, in hopes I'd be easier to handle. I cuddled up with my kitty and sucked my thumb whilst Lauren played with my hair. I felt myself begin to drift off and was soon fast asleep.

Our flight was called so Lauren woke me up, I hate being woken up, especially when I'm not in headspace "Lauren what the fuck" I looked up at Lauren to see her glaring at me. Cursing was against the rules, headspace or no headspace. Lauren leant over and whispered in my ear "when we get to that hotel your ass is mine, and consider your reward gone little one"
"But m-" I was cut off by another glare from Lauren
"Do not throw a tantrum right now young lady do you hear me?" I nodded my head and looked at the ground. Lauren grabbed my hand as I kept my head bowed walking to the gate.

When we found our seats Lauren sat by the window, me in the middle and Ally on my right, then Camila, Mani and Dinah on the opposite side. Great I have my mommy and my strictest aunt sat next to me. Lauren had put all the hand luggage away being as Ally couldn't reach and sat down in her seat, the rest of us following and Dinah doing the same for her row. Lauren did my seat belt up and pulled it tight before looking at me with a face that said 'be good' I put my hands in my lap and fiddled with my fingers watching them with sad eyes. I already couldn't wait for this 3 1/2 hour flight to be over. I grabbed my phone and put my earphones in turning my music on and slowly slipping fully out of my headspace.

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