Moving Again

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Colby's POV

EB was so happy when I told her.

Hell I was freaking happy!

It's been about a week and a realized that I needed to get her into school.

I searched online, for any schools around our apartment.

There was one school about 20 minutes away.

Sam and I drove there with EB in her car seat.

We walked inside the school. EB was holding my hand as we made our way towards the office. We walked into the principles office and sat down in the chairs. "Mr. Reynolds will be here in a bit." The secretary told us as she left the room. EB tightened her grip on my hand. "Are you nervous?" I asked rhetorically. She nodded her head slightly. I squeezed her hand to reassure her.

After the long discussion with the principal he arranged for EB to go into 1st grade.

EB started school this upcoming Monday.

When we went home I gave EB a bath and told her to get ready for her nap.

She did as she was told.

Sam and I sat on the sofa in the living room. The TV was showing the latest news.

"So do you think Savannah will ever come around to her senses?" Sam asked randomly. "Her senses?" I asked raising an eyebrow at him. "Do you think she will ever like you?" I laughed. "She already likes me." I announced smiling. Sam looked at me clearly unamused. "What?" I asked raising my shoulders. "You know what I meant." He stated slowly. I nodded my head as my smile turned to a frown. "I have no clue how she feels. We've been hanging out a lot lately but she still hasn't said anything about that night." I replied shrugging. Sam shrugged as well and resumed to watching the TV.

Will she come around?

Savannah's POV


I don't understand!!

A few days after the Colby incident. We started to hang out as just friends.

He's absolutely great. In every way.

Why did I ever reject him?

That's something you should figure out.

But how?

Try going out with him!

But I'm scared.

I'm actually catching feelings for him.

Don't be a crybaby and just ask him out!

"Savannah! Come out here please!" My mom yelled from the kitchen, I'm guessing. I walked into the living room to see a bunch of boxes everywhere. "What's going on?" I asked fear evident in my voice. "We have to move again. Grab some boxes and start packing your stuff, the moving van should be here soon."

Not again!!

"Where are we moving to?" I ask whiling grabbing a few boxes. "Miami Florida." My mom replied with a frown. "Miami!" I shout dropping my boxes. "I'm so sorry honey! You know how your father's work is! I know you made so many new friends here but we have to go..." My mom stated with tears in her eyes.

I can't believe this. Why me!

I finally realize my feelings towards Colby and I have to move across the country.

I sadly walk into my room and started to pack my boxes.

The moving van showed up within the hour and we put our things in it.

Soon our apartment was completely empty.

I was so busy with packing I couldn't even tell Colby.

Next thing I knew I was already in Florida.

Without saying a word to Colby.

He is going to be destroyed.

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