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This isn't a chapter but just recently some stuff happened with Halsey and I know a lot of you love her as much as I do so I figured I should say something about it cause it really bothered me.

Halsey has been getting a lot of crap lately and a few days ago she confessed to having a miscarriage last year. If you look it up there's an interview she did just recently. But people on Twitter have been giving her loads of shit trying to say that she's lying about it.

I can't even understand people anymore 👐🏻 like are you a fucking lie detector? Are you freaking God or something? Cause last time I checked you wouldn't know much about her personal life. But a lot of the things people are saying are just rude and uncalled for.

Halsey's life embodies exactly what I'd like to incorporate into my stories. When she was seventeen she almost committed suicide and was put into a psychiatric ward for seventeen days. But look at where she is now. Yet people are still trying to find ways to insult her.

It's always just come as a surprise to me how ignorant some people can be. And who knows? Maybe she is lying, but I just can't seem to understand what she could get out of announcing that she had a miscarriage.

So sorry for wasting your time 🙄 but my friend and I are huge Halsey fans and we just hate the way people treat her. I hate it when anyone are treated like shit in general which is kind of the basis of Abby's tale in this story.

So thanks for reading my little commentary. I'm not sorry to anyone who disagrees, but I love you anyways. Please don't get mad that this isn't a chapter, I just felt that since I do have this little audience I could at least try to make an impact somehow, and everything in this world seems to always come back to bullying. So I Just want you guys to keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading if you read all of this!! I love you all!!!





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