Chapter 32

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--------------One Month Later----------
Your P.O.V

It was my first day back at work and word to the papers had already spread about Baby Holmes. We decided it was best if I took a month off work to let the news calm down. As I slipped on my straight dress, I realised, there was already a big bulge and I smiled. I didnt think this was normal. I slipped on my heels and grabbed my clutch. I walked out of 221B with a great attitude. I reached Scotland Yard. I walked in and the first face I saw was Sam's. Lestrade came round the corner. I smiled as he gave me a massive hug. "I still cant believe it", he laughed. "You and me both!", i smiled." I better go sort out Anderson and Donovan", he sighed, gave me a case file and walked away. Sam gave me a sad smile and I gave him a smile back. The next minute, Sher came rushing in. "Y/N?! Y/N?!", he shouted. "Sherlock relax, I'm here", i sighed. He was getting protective again. I started to walk away with the case file clutched to my chest. He started to follow me swiftly and making sure I was alright. The cases I specialised on were kidnappings so i needed to work this one out fast. Within a few minutes, I had it all mapped put in my head. Sher was annoying me, so i snapped. "Sherlock, I'm fine, I'm at work so please, dont worry", I sighed and then smiled. I walked outside and got in the car with Anderson to find the address of the warehouse that the kids were being held in. I walked in with my gun in my clutch. "Well, I knew the fuzz were coming but I didnt think they would send a lady to do their work", a male voice beside me said. "Excuse me?", I scoffed. "Dont worry, I have no doubt you can beat people up but I didnt think someone of your beauty would work for them", He said. I flashed up my finger. "Married", I stated. I walked around the room, distracting the man and without him knowing, I gave the eldest kid ,aged 12, a pair of handcuffs and nodded towards the man. The little boy nodded. I distracted the man while the little boy crept up behind him and handcuffed him. I took him out to Anderson, who phoned Lestrade and got another police car to escort the man to jail. I took the kids to the car. There were four. Three little boys and one toddler girl. The boys went in the back, while I sat with the girl on my knee in the front. She started fiddling with my hair. We reached Scotland Yard and gave the kids to Lestrade. Somehow my mind drifted to Molly, was she okay? Molly and I had become really good friends recently. I started to feel light-headed so Lestrade let me go early. It was Sierra's baby's christening next week, i flew out tomorrow and I couldnt wait to see my best friends again. I went home and started to pack my case for Florida. I couldnt wait to fly back to see my parents too. They wanted to come to John's wedding but they couldnt make it. I skyped them regularly but it wasnt the same as seeing them in person. I finished packing my case and heard a clatter in the kitchen. I walked in and what I saw horrified me. Sherlock and Jeanine. Her hands through his hair. His hands on her waists. Her mouth on his. My heart stopped. I walked back into our bedroom and took off my locket and ring. I left them on the bed with a note.

I know everything you cold-hearted sociopath. We are over Sherlock Holmes.

I left my case and decided to come back for it later. They didnt even notice me as i slipped out the door. I started to cry and I made my way over to John and Mary's. I got over there and knocked. Sam answered, he must have been visiting. I pushed my way past him to John crying my heart out. He gave me a massive cuddle. "Aw
Y/N. What's wrong?", he cooed. "Its Sherlock", I cried. He looked confused. "And Jeanine", I added between sobs. He looked at my neck and finger. He escorted me to the couch and let Mary sooth me. Next thing I knew, John was out the door.

John's P.O.V

This is awful. They're having a baby together, engaged AND hes cheating on her! I stormed over there and threw the door opening to see them. I cleared my throat and they turned around. "How did you get in? I locked the door?", Sherlock said. "Your pregnant fianceé opened it when she left you!", I shouted. "I better go", Jeanine said and she walked out the door. I punched Sherlock square in the face. "Check your bed", I said. Sherlock walked into his bedroom and came out with a note, Y/N's locket and her ring. "You dont understand John, it was for a case", Sherlock stated. "Shes pregnant with your child and you threw it away for a bloody case!", I yelled. I grabbed Y/N's suitcases and walked out the door. I decided we were going to go along to Florida with her, Mary and I, so she wouldnt be alone.

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