The Daughter Of Artemis

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Author's note:

Fourth chapter done. Trying to upload as fast as possible while maintaining the quality of my writing. I know you guys hate waiting for updates so...

Written by me again, enjoy:)

Chapter 4 :

The first word that came to my mind was " Wow ". Sure, Clove has told me how great camp half-blood was, but this was beyond imagining. In front of me lies dozens of strawberry fields, forests and lakes, and arenas, as clove later told me, for practicing battle techniques. I've got a feeling that I was going to love here.

" Hey, I'll take you to Chiron, okay? He'll tell you where to go and show you around." Clove says, leading the way. I followed, and soon we arrived in front of a building. Above the door, in ancient Greek, were the words "Big House". We entered. Chiron was pacing back and forth and smiled in relief when he saw us. "Welcome, Jacelyn. And thank you, Clove, for bringing her here." Clove bowed respectfully and left. " I told you they would make it here safely! You were freaking out over nothing!" I hadn't pay much attention to him before, but now that he is speaking, I got a good look at him. The man was buff, looking about 40. Below his feet a leopard sprawled on the floor, and he was sipping from a wine goblet. I realize with a jolt that he was in the room in my dream. And got another shock when I figured out who he is." Dionysus?" I blurted out. Woah, was that too harsh? I should have been more polite. I half expected him to zap me or something, but instead his brown eyes flicker with interest. "Smart. But it's lord Dionysus to you. " Chiron smiles tiredly and says" Mr. D will do." Mr. D starts to say something, but Chiron cuts him off "I will get a camper to show you around."

As we walked towards the cabins, a group of campers gathered around to get a look at me. Chiron introduced me to them and told them to go back to what they were doing before. I asked Chiron "So everyone here are demigods? But who is my Dad?" Chiron hesitates, than replies " You'll have to get claimed by whoever it is." "So you don't know anything about it?" Chiron shook his head, and I really wanted to believe him, but I couldn't help noticing how he won't meet my eyes while saying it. He seemed glad when we finally came to a stop outside a cabin. It was huge, and a eagle's head hung above the door. "Zeus?" I guessed. Chiron smiles "Yes." Then he knocks on the door "Jake? Are you in there?" The door opened. I studied the boy standing in front of me. He has short black hair and cold black eyes that had no emotions in them. Rectangular glasses were perched on his nose. And he was scowling. But beneath that I noticed his proud expression. I had a feeling right there that this guy would be important. "What is it?" He asks impatiently. Chiron sighs" This is Jacelyn. Our newest camper. Do you mind showing her around?" " Well did you really give me a choice there?" He snapped and slammed the door. Way to be friendly. " Have a fun time." Chiron gives us a smile and trotted away. Great. Now I'm left with a bad-tempered guy alone and we are supposed to have a FUN time? I'm so looking forward to this.

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