Glasses 6

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"i love you too"

The two boys stayed in their position, blushing each moments. "Why? Why'd you do that?" Taehyung shyly asked and raised his head. Jungkook stumbled back a little. "I'm sorry." Jungkook said back. "Why are you sorry?" The other boy asked.

"Because I kissed you." Jungkook mumbled. "Why? Do you think it's disgusting or is it because I'm ugly?" Taehyung kept on asking. "Wh-what? Of course not and stop calling yourself ugly." Jungkook sternly but stutteringly said. "Then why are you being sorry?" The older boy frustratedly asked. "I don't know. Maybe because I thought you didn't like it."

"I liked it." Taehyung simply answered. "Y-you did?" Taehyung giggled and nodded before hugging the boy. "I liked it so much."

Jungkook felt relieved. His crush liked him back, maybe. "I love you." He let out, hugging the boy a little tighter. "I love you too, Kookie." The said boy smiled before pulling away from the hug. "Do you mean it?" He asked, looking straight into Taehyung's eyes. Taehyung harshly nodded.

"We are going to my house after school, right? Mom said she's going to make you strawberry cake." Taehyung's eyes brightened hearing the word strawberry cake. "I love Mrs. Jeon!"

"Kookie, piggy back me. I'm tired." Taehyung whined before stopping in his track. "You're not a little kid." Jungkook laughed but nonetheless sat down so Taehyung could climb on his back. "But you still listen to me though." Taehyung mocked.

"Whatever, just climb." They were almost at Jungkook's house. He piggybacked the older boy before ringing the door bell.

"Oh, Taehyung-ah! Are you okay?" Mrs. Jeon asked as soon as she saw Taehyung being piggybacked. "He's just being a kid. He says he's tired so I had to carry him." Jungkook rolled his eyes. "Kookie is mean to me, Mrs. Jeon." Taehyung pouted while the boy under him sat him down in the couch. "Stop lying. I carried you all the way here." He spat.

Mrs. Jeon laughed at the two boys. "Well, would you like to eat cake?" She asked Taehyung. "Yes please!" Taehyung excitedly nodded. "Kookie, sit here." He patted a spot next to him. "I need to change."

"If you don't sit down here, I'll go home." The older boy threatened. Jungkook sighed and sat down next to him. "Here you go." Mrs. Jeon came back with two plates with two slices of cake in both plates. "He can have mine." Jungkook placed the plates on a small table that was in the living room.

"Yay! But you're feeding me." Taehyung gave him the spoon and opened his mouth waiting for Jungkook to feed him. "WonWoo is coming over with his boyfriend tonight, so Taehyung would you like to sleep over?" Mrs. Jeon asked. WonWoo was Jungkook's second eldest brother, who was bisexual like him and had a boyfriend.

When he had first came out, they were furious and didn't let him go out for a week but when he stopped eating or doing anything, they felt like a bad parents so they decided to let him go and be who he was. Jungkook's eldest brother was already married to a beautiful woman and even had a little kid.

"WonWoo hyung is coming? Of course I will !" Taehyung had gotten close with WonWoo and his boyfriend whenever he'd come visit, since he related a lot with WonWoo. "Okay, I'll let your mom know that you're staying over." Taehyung nodded. "Kookie, feed me." Taehyung whined when he realized Jungkook had stopped feeding him.

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