The Daughter Of Artemis

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Author's note:

Here is the third chapter. Do you guys like the book? Tell me about it in the comments. The following is written by me as well. But you'll get to see some chapters written by my friend later on, I promise. Hopefully I can figure out how to bold and italicize to separate who wrote what. Anyways,enjoy:)

Chapter 3:

I walked along the familiar path to school. I usually loved walking there. After a few turns I would come to a small forest with creeks and squirrels hopping around, and school's just on the other side of it. Today, however, I'm not in the mood. The consistent nightmare I was having about the execution and the girl (me?) bothered me. I kept reminding myself that it was just a dream and that it probably isn't real, but somehow it has a ring of truth to it. I was so lost in thought that I didn't watch where I was going and tripped over something. Brushing the dust off me, I bent down to look at what I tripped over. I pushed the leaves away and got a shock. It was a girl, with curly red hair. She was leaning on a tree trunk and was fast asleep. I has obviously just tripped over her outstretched legs.

What the heck? Who sleeps in a forest at 8:00 in the morning and cover themselves with leaves? "Hey. Excuse me. Get up." I shake the girl by her shoulders. The girl's forest-green eyes flutter open, and when they focus on me, she jumped up."Oh my gods! Are you Jacelyn Dash?" I frowned "How do you know my name? And who are you?" She stands up and smoothed out her clothes "Hi. I'm Clove. You need to come with me to camp." "Excuse me?" "Can we save the questions for later? You gotta come with me now!" Now I'm seriously creeped out. Is she mental or something? "I'm not going before you answer all my questions." I said, crossing my arms over my chest. Clove threw her hands up "I give up. You got your mother's stubbornness." I froze "What...did you just say? You know" She looks uncomfortable "Um, well,see, do you know about those Greek gods and goddess?" I do. I have always loved Greek mythology. But I don't see how this is relevant. Clove continues "Well,they are real, everything you've read about. And Artemis is your mom." Wait. Artemis is what?!

I just stood there,speechless. My brain processed the new information. The Greek gods are real. Artemis is my mom. All of a sudden I'm suspicious "How do I know this isn't a trick?" I demanded. Clove looks uncomfortable " see,I'm a satyr. And I can prove it." With that she began to take off her shoes, revealing a pair of hooves. I gaped. She smiles apologetically "I know it's sudden and it's a shock. It is to all the demigods at first. But I swear on the River Styx I'm telling the truth. In fact, Chiron sent me here. You have to go to Camp Half-Blood with me. You have ADHD right? Most demigods do. It keeps them alive in battles with monsters. The camp keeps you safe at least in the summer from monsters." "But..." I didn't know what to say "What about my dad?" Clove nodded "Right. Let's go tell him together."

Dad took the news well. He didn't mind that much since it was only every summer. Thank god he was also interested in Greek mythology. He decided that it was cool that all these gods and monsters he had been reading about are real and alive. Clove told us all about camp and if sounded like a great place. I packed my stuff and decided to head to camp the next day with Clove.

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