Rebecca Sky on Online Writing Today

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TALK 1: Friday(29 July, 2016)

Rebecca Sky(RebeccaSky) on Online Writing Today

What makes writing online so special? What are today's top trends? Wattpad Star Rebecca Sky demystifies today's online fiction landscape in this 12-minute lesson from her FREE Skillshare class, Writing for Online Engagement.*

*First Published on Jan 5, 2016 by Wattpad on YouTube.

After graduating high-school, Rebecca Sky set out on a five-year, 24 Country exploration to find herself. She slept in a hammock in the Amazon Jungle, skinny-dipped off the West African Coast, ate Balut while holding a monkey in the Philippines, and fell in love in Cuba (then again in Brazil, and a final time to a Rock Star in Canada). Rebecca returned home to the West Coast captivated by the world and ready for another adventure.

So Rebecca did what every wanderer does when standing still- she began writing. Her work has since garnered over 20 million reads on
Wattpad, and she's had the opportunity to partner with some really great brands. She's featured in The New York Times and The Boston Globe.

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