I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chapter 7

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I'm allergic to vampires!

Chapter 7 Momma's gone a huntin'

I was prepared for anything, dressed in my hunter's outfit, a black loose fitting t and baggy pants which made it easy for fast reflexes and such. It also came with a collar made of tough leather where no vampire could bite through. I even added a little bat charm to it. It made it look cute. I also had leather pads strapped to each arm which were light weight and perfectly durable for blocking attacks too. I walked along Riley feeling the weight of the hidden dagger in my side pocket and my key necklace that kept something locked up underneath all my clothing. Riley and I were already deep in the woods. It seemed we were getting no where.

It was eerily quiet, almost noon and not even the sound of birds chirping pierced our ears. Riley searched for remaining footprints but nothing we came upon was treaded on by vampire or human. If Rayas had been careful in doing this he had done a pretty good job, not to mention all the time he had to do it. But why had he made it so difficult to find the body? Did that mean Jace had a chance of surviving?

"I hope he dies slowly and painfully." I said under my breath. Riley nodded. "I wish I could have stopped him if I had realized he wasn't truthful...I'm so sorry." 

"It's not your fault it's mine for even believing him." Riley stopped abruptly. 

"Don't move." He whispered. I looked around my eyes and body alert. His head shifted to the left suddenly. His arm in front of me immediately dropped.  

"It's just a wolf." He relaxed a bit and I saw it come out of the brush. Gray furred, clearly powerful in it's size, it growled at us, very slowly making it's way across the path. It howled softly and five pups followed it. It and the pups leapt back into the other side of the brush. 

"They were so cute." I squealed.  

"Yeah and they could rip you to pieces if you aren't careful." 

"Always the pessimist, aren't you?" I asked. 

"Sure am, always will be." His said his usual answer. I heard a loud clink and within seconds of death I blocked the throwing knife with my arm pad, which would have pierced my skull.  

"Hey why don't you show yourself? It's never very honorable to fight with unequally." I pulled the knife out of my pad and threw it back in the direction from where it came. I heard a muttered 'fuck' and out of the bushes came a vampire. I looked him over. He wasn't hot but definitely cute and he liked majorly pissed that I had thrown the knife which had hit him in the arm. Just as I was about to draw my dagger, Riley had pinned him to a tree. 

"Please don't hurt me." He whimpered.  

"That's a new one." Riley said. "Ever heard that before?" 

"Nope, what are you doing here? You don't seriously think you can defeat us do you?" I asked. 

"Hell no, I came to deliver a message." He said nervously. 

"From who?" 

"The royal council." He answered. 

"What do they want?" I asked, a little confused. 

"They say they are getting Rayas back." 

"What the hell kind of society do you think we run?" "Here I'll show you." He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. I took it and read it. 

'Dear Skyler Vandeguard, 

We are to advise you that we going to take Rayas back. By the time you get this we will have already reached the prison cell. We know that it he has treated you unfairly and we shall punish him in our own way, even for a half blood he has committed crimes in his mission. So we are truly sorry for his behavior. If we must contact you we shall send a messenger. Our eyes are watchful of you.'  

"Riley let the guy go." I said miserably, I wanted something to punch to get rid of all the emotions floating through my head.  

"Can I...." the guy blushed furiously. 


"Have a taste of your blood?" 

"Very funny." I said. 

"Please." He whimpered like he was in pain.  

"What the hell is wrong with you?" 

"It smells so good. Incredible even, so, so sweet." He sniffed the air. 

"Just get out of here kid." Riley said. "If you come back, I won't hesitate to kill you." The guy nodded as Riley let go of him. "I warn you now though, I may be able to control myself but the others might not." He smirked and vanished. 

"What the hell does that mean?" I said. 

"Beats me. We should head back. I'm sure your tired we've been searching for almost three hours." 

"I guess." I sighed. 

"I'm sorry we couldn't find him." 

"Did I mention he said he loved me?" I asked. 

"No you didn't, but wasn't he going to kill you?" 

"He was talking to me about the royal council trying to kill me and some kind of prophecy but that's all I got out of him and next thing I know his blood is splattered all over me." I whispered the last part.  

".........We thought it was only a myth." Riley said. 

"W-what?" I stammered.  

"The prophecy." He answered. 

"So you know what it is?" 

"Yes, I do. Are you up to it? You might not like it." He said. 

"I'm sure I can handle it." I said, reassuring him. 

I heard him say doubt it under his breath. He took a deep breath and began.  

"The prophecy..."


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