Chapter 31

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Your P.O.V

It was here, Mary and John's wedding. After throwing up two or three times and dreading the other mornings, I quickly got dressed and went upstairs to get Sherlock. I used my set of keys and just went straight in. He was ready and practising 'All of the Stars' by Ed Sheeran on his violin. John had requested that I sing and he play because this was John's favourite song that I sang. I walked in and cleared my throat. He turned around, "You look stunning", he said with a smile. "We have to get going", I smiled. "Okay, dear, see you there", he said. He gave me a sweet peck on the lips and went back to playing his violin. I cleared my throat again. Again he turned around. I fixed his purple tie and smiled as I walked away outside for the bridesmaid bus. We were meeting Mary there. We got there and John and Sher were already there, "How the hell?", I asked. Sher tapped his nose. "A secret", he winked. I laughed. I saw Jeanine eyeing him with a sly smile. "I'll see you on the aisle", I smiled and fixed his tie again. While I was fixing it, he pulled me into his arms and he gave me a sweet kiss. I laughed. The look on Jeanine's face was priceless. John and Sherlock walked to the end of the aisle and we walked outside. I noticed Mr and Mrs Holmes pulled up. They got out the car and ran to me, "Oh, Y/N dear, you look wonderful, just like a true Holmes", she said. Jeanine rolled her eyes. Mr Holmes nudged her and she shut up. I was weirded out but I laughed. They both gave me a hug and went inside. Then Mary pulled up and she walked out looking stunning. We all walked to the end of the aisle and then sat down. Sherlock then sat next to me. Before we knew it the wedding ceremony was over and it was time for the speeches. I said my little part, making everyone in the room have a tear in their eye. "John and I met each other on the street. Typical London bustle happening. We literally bumped into each other. Literally. I got coffee stained all over my outfit and he was actually nice enough to bring me to his flat. And I'm so glad he did. Many great things spawned because I met John Watson.", I looked at Sher and he smiled. "We solve the murders and John Watson saves the lives. Life isnt always the best. It can be hurtful and decietful but those things draw to a close when you meet such great people. I love them all so much. They're the reasons that you get up in the morning just to look forward to seeing them. You see, many things may not have been right with my life, many things still arent but i wouldnt change that day when I met John Watson, and covered in coffee. I finished. Everyone had tears in their eyes. I noticed my cousin was here and I gave her a massive smile and she waved. Now it was Sherlock's turn. Something was wrong. I looked at John and he gave me the same look back. I droned out during the rest of Sherlock's speech trying to deduct what was wrong but I think the baby was affecting my deduction skills so i had no clue what to do. Then two words pulled me out of my daze and I looked worried at John. "Vatican Cameos", Sherlock said. I tensed in my seat and Sherlock gave me a reassuring look, I noticed that John was whispering to Mary. Someone got up and walked out of the room. Sherlock followed. I excused myself and ran out behind him, followed by John and then Mary. Sam was sitting at Mrs Hudson's table looking worried. We ran up the stairs and when I got to the top I was about to faint. Mary whispered to me: "Its not good for the wee one, now rest". I sat down and let Sher deal with this one. Before I knew it, he had cracked it and we were heading back downstairs for the party. Soon enough it was Sher and I's turn to do the playing and singing for the first dance. I sang the words off by heart. There was a lyrics screen in front of me that everyone else could read too. I got to the end of the song and opened my eyes. I was speechless. Everyone was looking at us now and my cousin was crying ,Mary & John were smiling amd Sam looked shocked. On the screen read:

"Y/N, will you marry me?". I looked to Sherlock, who was down on one knee. "Yes", I managed to squeak out. My face widened into a massive smile as I realised I was going to be Mrs Y/N Holmes. Everyone said "awww" and I gave Sher a massive hug. He slipped a gorgeous ring on my finger:

Everyone was smiling apart from Jeanine and Sam

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Everyone was smiling apart from Jeanine and Sam. He said something about looking after John and Mary and all three of them. My heart started beating faster. Had he found out about me? He then quickly corrected himself and we walked over to John and Mary. Mary and I drew each other a look. He explained that Mary was pregnant. I let out a huge sigh. "Sherlock, I have to speak to you", I said nervously. He took me away outside and I started to walk up and down nervously. "Jesus Y/N, what the hell is wrong? Calm down!", he panicked. I blurted it out. "I'm pregnant, Mr Holmes", I smiled nervously. He stood silently for a minute then laughed and spun me around. He kissed me passionately. We walked back inside and he took to the stand. Sam approached me "Look Y/N, you cant marry him", he said. "Excuse me?", I said annoyed. "I love you", Sam said. I was about to tell him where to go, until Sherlock got everyone's attention. "I would like to say to everyone that, so far, tonight has been the best night of my life. As you noticed earlier, i proposed to my now fianceé.", he smiled at me. I smiled back. "... and I would like everyone to know, we are expecting a little Holmes soon", he said proudly. Everyone awed and clapped. I looked at Sam and said "I dont love you, this is my life now". I rested my hand on my stomach. "And I'm perfectly happy with it. I hope we can still be friends", I smiled. Mr Holmes and Mrs Holmes rushed up to congratulate us. This was the best night of my life. My cousin came up to us and hugged me. "I'm so happy for you!", she said. "Thanks, Cece!", I laughed. Sher looked confused. "Oh I'm sorry, Sher this is my cousin Celia. And Cece this is my husband-to-be Sherlock Holmes", I said. They greeted each other. "Anyway, Sierra had her baby", she said. "Oh My God!!! What gender?", I screamed. "Baby boy", she smiled. Sierra was one of my best friends. "She would love to see you at the christening next month", She said. "We'll be there", I said excitedly.  "Great, well I'm going to mingle!", she said. I laughed. As soon as she left, Sher said to me. "John heard Sam's little speech", he said annoyed. "Look, I'm sorry, I turned him down anyway", I said. "I know, he heard that part too", he smiled. "Thats my girl", he added. "Girls", I corrected. "How do you know its a girl?", he asked smiling. "I just do", I laughed. "I have something else i wanna ask you", he said. "Yes?", I wondered. "Move in with me?", he asked. "Defininetly", I said. 

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