Chapter 6

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I found out that Gutta is really cool. He's funny and sweet! But he be trynna spit game and I ain with it.

" Well, Gutta, lunch was nice, but I gotta get going " I say, standing up.

I should have been home years ago.

" Damn. Well Ima need yo number "

I smiled and typed my number in his phone.

" Well see ya soon maybe " I say while hugging him and grabbing my things.

" You definitely will "

I smiled and walked off.




I just made it to the house and I was

tired as fuck .

" Dad is mad at you " Kylan whispered before walking to the back with KJ.

I scrunched my eyebrows together and walked to the room.

" Hey babe " I said, bending down to kiss Kaeden but he swerved it.

" What the fuck yo problem? " I ask, frustrated.

" Who was you wit at the mall ?"

I sighed.

" Do you have people watching me?" I ask since that would be the only way he knew I was with someone.

" Yes for yo safety!!! Now who were you with!!!? "

I sighed.

" we are just friends. he's cool. "

" whats his name mya? "

" Gutta. He wouldn't tell his real name "

He punched a hole in the wall.

" Are you seriously mad cause I made a new friend??!!!! Fuck you shit! I can have friends all I want!! " I yelled.

" Aight. But Gutta is a Nigga I dojt fuck with. Been after me since forever. When he pull some slick shit on yo ass, don't be lookin stupid"

I started to feel guilty. I didn't know that he was against Kaeden.

" Kaeden I -"

" Shut the fuck up! You so damn stubborn, he could've took yo ass and killed you! "


" Really? After what I just said!? You so fucking stupid!"

" He doesn't have to know that I'm with you! "

" I know cause we not together!! Fuck you Mya.! How you gone sit there and say you gone still talk to a Nigga that's trynna kill yo baby daddy!? Did you not think that maybe he already know who you are?! People know I'm yo baby daddy Mya! I know this shit! "

" He doesn't know cause he asked! "

" you so fucking nieve! You puttin yo fucking kids in danger! Are you sniffin or some shit cause yo head ain't on right! "

" No I'm not a fucking crack head! I'm just tired of being friendless and I want to he his friend.! He's nice!"

" Everybody that's nice ain't real mya. This was a mistake. We shouldn't have got back together. "

" then we don't gotta be together Kaeden "

" Oh real? You puttin a Nigga you don't know before yo baby daddy ?"

" I'm not puttin him before you! I just hate being alone while you're out working and he just seems really cool! "

" What the fuck is wrong with you? "

I shook my head and whiped the tears away.

" Remember that Nigga you met at the mall? Snake. Remember yo ex boyfriend you got when you moved? snake. Remember Lilly? Snake"

I shook my head, feeling stupid.

" I'm sorry . He was really nice though "

He came and wrapped his arms around my waist.

" Baby. Everybody thats nice ain't true "

I nodded.

" I'm sorry. I won't talk to him "

" Good. "

He kissed me and one thing led to another. Where the fuck are my kids?







" Babe! " I yell, walkin in the house.

I had to finish some shit at the trap but I'm done now.

" Stop calling me that, but what?"

" Girl you know you gone be my baby sooner or later "

she rolled her eyes.

" Anyway, come roll with me to get some shit handled. I know you hate sittin in this damn house "

" Nahl actually its cool. I love playin in the game room "

I laughed. We too alike.

" Girl come on "

She laughed and we got in the car.


" Girl boo. You over der lookin like the bootleg beyonce! Catfish!" I yelled.

Me and Nijah was rankin on eachother and the shit was funny.

" Nigga over der wearin them fake, bootleg ass trues! you betta ask somebody my Nigga!"

I laughed.

" Whatever. My shit real and stay real."

" Mhmmm"

I laughed.

" So when you gone be mine, on a serious note "

" Ion know life. I don't think neither of us are ready "

" Shit I'm ready. I just needa hear the magic words"

She nodded.

" We'll see " was all she said.

We sure will.





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