Chapter Twenty-Four

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All the bags were packed for our trip to the beach. Instead of driving the whole way there, Keegan booked us two seats in the first class level on a plane. I would have rather taken the car instead. I’ve always had a huge fear of flying. Anything could go wrong, something important would fail, and we would all plummet to our death. Keegan on the other hand told me not to worry. If something bad did happen, every wolf on the plane would survive. What a great way to make your mate feel better.

We arrived at the airport just as a plane took off. A gut wrenching horror filled my stomach and Keegan grabbed my freehand with his freehand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. We made our way inside the huge building. There were tons of people walking in and out and around. Keegan held my hand as we found our plane and he gave a woman in a suit our tickets.

My stomach got butterflies as we boarded our plane and found our seats. It was by the window and had two blue cushioned seats. Keegan stuffed our luggage overhead and sat in the seat by the window. I sat down hesitantly, fully aware of the unconcerned passengers doing who knows what. I griped my hands around the arm rest as if holding on to it would release the nerves that bubbled inside of me.

Keegan placed his large hand over my smaller one. I looked at him and he smile reassuringly. “Everything is going to be okay. I promise.” I nodded and took a deep breath.

“Welcome aboard everyone! I hope you enjoy the ride. We will be lifting off in a just a moment so everyone buckle up until we are safely in the air. Thank you.” The nervous ran through me again when the pilot’s voice disappeared. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle being in the air for six to eight hours.

“Why couldn’t we just visit the beach back in our state?” I groan. I turned to Keegan batting my eyelashes. He grinned a little and bent down to kiss my forehead.

“Because that beach is deserted and never sunny.” He was totally right. No one went to Sunny Beach. The name was ironic, actually, since it was hardly sunny there. A sign at the front of the plane dinged, telling us to have our seatbelts buckled. My heart began racing as I buckled myself up and leaned forward in the seat. One of the flight attendants walked by and noticed my very tenseness and I was probably sweaty and clammy.

She smiled at me and looked at Keegan. She straightened up a little and fixed her hair and grinned wide. “Is this her first time on a plane?” The woman asked. Keegan looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah, she’s just a little nervous. Can you get her water, please?” The flight attendant nodded, never losing her smile. Though, I did feel jealously radiating off her body. It reeked and made my nose scrunch up in disgust. As she walked away, I looked at Keegan. He was still looking at me; adoration in his eyes. He kissed my nose and grabbed my hand.

I felt the plane start rolling and after a minute or so, it began to roll faster. I took deep even breaths and suddenly the nerves went away. I looked at Keegan in confusion. They couldn’t have gone away that fast.

“Are you doing that?” I whispered. Keegan smiled and said nothing, which only confirmed my suspicion. I slightly angered, but the most part of me was internally grateful. I could tell we were off the ground almost instantly and I felt dizzy. Even though Keegan was calming me down, it didn’t stop me from feeling dizzy. The higher the plane climbed, the more my ears would pop from the pressure.

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