Chapter 9

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Tsuna was sleeping peacefully at Kyoya's office while his lover was doing paperworks, he sometimes took a quick glance at his little bunny before continuing it again. 2hours had passed without a sign of waking up, Kyoya went beside our favorite brunette as he cares his bangs.

"Mmmm.. Kyoya-koi?" Kyoya retreat his hands when Tsuna was waking up, " Usagi, how are you?" Kyoya ask, "I'm fine though.." Tsuna trailed off.. smiling sadly at Kyoya. He frowned at the sign of sadness that is emitting on the brunette's eyes, the only thing that the skylark did was kissed him passionately, Tsuna was left stunned and was blushing madly. 'This is the first time I saw him blush ' that's the thought of our skylark, " Usagi it's already 5:00, dress up and let's go home.

After the incidents when Kyoya was beaten up, he starts to live at the Sawada Residence... Tsuna nod as he picked his bag up and held Kyoya's hands, " thank u Kyoya.." he said smiling, Kyoya smiled back and headed home.


I watched as the two went home, I followed them incase that they are being attack by a bunch of mafioso. While hiding I dialed a certain someone from Italy.

"Ciao, Reborn-San" he greeted

"Hayato, I want you to come here at Namimori, I want you to test my student"I said

"Okay Reborn-san, I'll book a plane ride to Namimori " he replied back and ended the call.

I let out a sigh and headed home too. Once I'm home I saw my idiotic student cursing, I went to hide ky presence and listen on what he was saying

" Damn! What is the reason that I always abuse my brother... I'm such an asshole.. but.. it is his fault for trying to get all the attention from mom when we were little so I guess we're even.. just you wait foolish brother of mine, once I'm the new boss of vongola, I'll fucking kill you with my own hands" he said laughing like a psycho.

'Foolish Student of mine like I'll let you do that! I won't let you lay your damn filthy hands on your brother.'


I'm here at usagi's room watching him sleep on my lap, I stroke his soft brown hair, noe that I've noticed it, his hair is pretty long I smiled slightly and as I continued to stroke his hair. "Mnnnn.... " he groaned " I see that your awake usagi" I said. He rub his eyes while yawning "ah, darling are you staying here tonight?" He asked, I nod and hug his waist " is there something wrong darling?" He asked again, without answering his questions, I attack his neck and started kissing it.

He let out a soft moan, "K-kyoya.. s-stop it" he let out, I ignored him and started sucking his neck. "K-kyoya!" He raised his voiced, I stop sucking his neck and stare at the mark that I just left "done" I said while smirking " oh God Kyoya, don't tell me you left a mark on me" he said in disbelief, "hn" I respond back " no fair!" He shouted "what?" I ask dumbfounded " I...I... wanna m-mark you too.." he said blushing... I smiled at his cuteness and tilt my head sideways

"eh?" He said in confusion " you said you wanna mark me then mark me Usahi" I said he brighten up and start licking my neck, I slightly grunt as he started to bit my neck then started sucking it 'wao~ Usagi got talent, don't tell me he'd done this before with other men' I thought irritated, "all done darling "he said smiling while blushing " Usagi tell me, have you done this with other men?" I ask " no, this is my first time Kyoya-koi" he replied back

" your being too possessive Darling" he whispered and Peck me on my lips. " Usagi got fangs" I smirk " that's because my lover is a carnivore" he smirk back. "I love you, Hibari Kyoya" he said smiling and I smiled back " I love you too, Sawada Tsunayoshi " I replied back..

'Your mine and forever be mine Tsunayoshi, I won't let anyone take you away from me'


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