Mike,Mimy,Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,and Foxy

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(i will do Mike x Factor or Reader and don't ask me for lemons) My Pov
started to wake up and see Mike talking to 4 people what happened I said to Mike. well you fainted well talking to them Mike said. And who scream I said. I did Lukas said. Don't scream cause they get you if you got hurt or something Mike said. (What gonna happen in Minecraft story mode ep 8 if we have to fight someone and I hope no one get killed if one of them die I quit
Jesse: please don't quit mimy
Me: Fine and don't ask why I draw Lukesse pictures
Jesse: WHAT
Me: oh no *Started to run from Jesse*

Mangle: (⊙_⊙) ummm..... returning to the book) ok Lukas said.

Freddy Pov
I laugh at the blonde hair then I went to Chica to get Two of them and we going to sing to he or her.
Chica Pov
After Freddy tell me to get one of them I have to fake cry as a kid to get one them so I started fake crying as a kid one of them hear my fake cry I saw a two girls they look familiar but I can't remember they two walk this way I knock out both of I see the girls name tag it's said Jesse and mimy names sounds familiar so I take them to the seats and tide them up then I saw the camera on I put some thing on it
My Pov

me and Jesse woke up in a unfamiliar place it's looks like a old big large basement that's have lots rooms like for kids we was tied up in a chair I just screamed for help and some thing came out the shadows and it's was

Cliff Hangers guys
Mike: Oh came on mimy I want to read the rest book please
Me: no Mike
Mike: please
Petra: *slap Mike*
Bonnie: (⊙_⊙) um ok bye guys

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