new friends, new family, start of the new me

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waaahhh!!!!my 1st update in a million years! woohhhooo!!! XD

anyway, on with the story~


Vanessa's POV

Its already been a week

a week with awesome friends

a week with a new family

and a start for a new me

on the first few days, some members from the pack were a bit wary, but after some time, they eventually warmed up to me

Blake, the alpha accepted me into the pack a day after they found me in the woods

and that day was probably the most wonderful day ever!!

l also started training with the twins, Rian and Brian, (<-the twins in the woods)

and now,, I can beat both of them both in wolf and human form, hell I can even beat Blake!

I was sitting down near the lake which is located in the woods behind the pack house

as I play with the water, I can't help but think of how beautiful the lake is

the water was crystal blue in color, it was so clear that you can even see the different pebbles underneath the water

I lift my hand to wipe away the water that made its way to my face, when the unbelievable happened,, the wated lifted

I moved my hand in a circular motion and the water did too,,,,...... feeling confident, I had a water dragon in front of me , I then raised my hand upwards, creating a beautiful fountain

"this is awesome Diego" I said in awe

'yeah, it is' she said 'and this is only one percent of your power"

"really?!" whoah,,, this is so freaking awesome!!!!


'*chuckle, go home and rest child,,, and make sure you change your clothes *chuckle'


???'s POV

I jumped off the tree I was hiding in

'it looks like little Nessa has learned how to use the water element...I can't wait to tell mom and dad'

and with one swift motion, I was gone


I know its short, and im sorry

there were some problems (- exams, assignments, school, club,, and some personal issues concerning my fam)





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