13. Relaxation Techniques

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"Relax babe." Mia being so tense made me tense and I was finding it harder to hide.  "It's just my sister." 

She laughed and nodded.  "I know, I know.  It's just I feel..."  Her voice was pitching higher and I calmed her in the only way that I knew always worked.  I reached for her breast and held it in my hand, my thumb rubbing over her nipple until I felt it pucker.  Her glassy eyes were glued to mine and I felt her relax, meaning I in turn relaxed.

"Wow babe, I'm so glad this is the way I can relax you, it really kinda works for me." I smirked and watched as her cheeks reddened.

Before she reacted too much, I reached my free hand to the nape of her neck, bringing her closer so my lips were against hers.

"I fucking love your tits." I whispered and where I thought she'd laugh, she moaned and my cock reacted. "Babe, I'm gonna have you bent over the counter in a minute." I warned and she moaned. I glanced at the clock, 20 minutes. Yep, good to go.

I turned her and placed her hands on the bench before lifting her dress and sliding her panties down. Quickly unzipping my shorts and freeing my erection, I slipped inside her wet pussy with a deep groan.

"Fuck Mia, you need to tell me when you're this fucking wet." I murmured against her neck. 

"I'm always this wet around you Jay."  She whispered as I grabbed her hips and quickened my pace, her tight kitty accepting me willingly,

I was gentle with her, wanting to relax her rather than leave her out of sorts when they arrived. I pushed the straps from her shoulders and reached for her breast. Why this comforted her, I had no clue, but it worked and I wasn't about to complain.

"Are you okay Mia?" I whispered against her neck.

"Yes." She breathed.

I had to hold myself back from fucking her hard and fast, this was all about gentle, all about comfort, all about Mia. I felt her tightening around me as I slid in and out, the sound of my balls hitting her beautiful asse the only sound other than our sharp breaths and her ever present wetness.

I squeezed her breast, rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger as she whimpered that she was close.

"I know babe, I can feel you gripping me. Let it go baby." With a few harder thrusts, her body shook and my cock was clenched hard as it emptied inside her, to then be coated in her tasty juices as she cried out her orgasm.

"That's it baby, good girl." I encouraged as I continued to massage her breast. Placing a soft kiss on her shoulder, I withdrew and looked around for something to clean up with. Dampening some paper towel, I wiped myself before kneeling behind her and cleaning her soft thighs as I inhaled her scent. She jumped as I wiped her pussy and the sound that left her, made me want to take her again.

I stood and pulled her panties up and lowered her dress, putting my arm around her waist I pulled her up so her back was to my chest, my hand once again making its way up to her breast.

"Everything's going to be okay Mia. I promise." She nodded, clearly still trying to catch her breath. "

"I know." She panted and I felt her stiffen as the door bell rang.

She quickly tucked herself back in her dress and looked around to make sure there was no sign of what had just happened between us and smiled.

"Ready?" I asked as I made my way to the door.

"Yes, I'm ready." She answered sounding more confident than she had earlier.


I felt more relaxed than I had all morning as I watched Jay greet his sister with a kiss on her cheek and Rob with a pat on the back as most men do. 

But my smile widened as I watched him pick up his 2 gorgeous nieces and hug them tight, scratching his stubble over them until they were squealing and giggling. 

"How's my 2 favourite girls in the whole wide world?"  He asked and they giggled again as their tiny hands rubbed his stubble. 

"Mummy said we've been really good Uncle Jay."  One of the little dark haired girls responded seriously and my heart melted. 

"Is that so Poppy?"

"Yes, it's true Uncle Jay." The little girl who must be Milly answered just as seriously as her sister.

"Well in that case, I guess you can go choose something from the jar."

He put the girls down and they raced towards the kitchen, looking towards me unsurely but continuing to the pantry. Whatever was in the jar was obviously more important than a stranger in the kitchen. I smiled as I watched them both choose a lollypop and race back to their parents, who were now making their way towards me.

There was no denying that Jay and Megan were related, they shared the same dark hair, same green eyes and same beautiful features. All features that were passed on to the beautiful little girls who were now happily licking their lollipops. As with Jay, Megan's smile was bright and genuine.

"You must be Mia."  She said as she pulled me in for a hug.  "It's so nice to meet you." 

"Thank you Megan, it's nice to meet you too.  And your girls, my god they're so beautiful." 

Her eyes lit up as she looked to them and she smiled.  "Thank you.  This is my husband Rob."  She said as he stepped in behind her.  He reached out and shook my hand with a friendly smile. 

"Hi Mia, it's nice to meet you." 

"You too."  I smiled.

It took a few glasses of wine for me to completely relax, but Megan made it easy with the stories she was telling.  Jay had been right, she had a wicked sense of humour. 

Rob was a lot quieter as he sat back and let his wife do her thing, his eyes barely leaving her as he laughed along with everyone else.

I looked down as I felt a small tug on my arm, the girls were looking up at me with big green eyes, open wide.  I smiled down at the girls and waited for one of them to speak. 

"You're really pretty Mia."  I felt myself blush but my smile widened. 

"Thank you Milly.  You know" I began as I lowered my voice and they both leant in closer "you girls are both as pretty as your mummy." 

That seemed to be the right thing to say because they both smiled brightly and giggled before running off to play.  When I turned my attention back to the table, Jays eyes were staring back at me, so dark that I knew exactly what was going through his mind.  I just didn't know why.

I took a sip of my wine and felt my panties moisten as his eyes dropped to my lips.  Jesus Christ, he was so intense at times that it made it difficult to breathe.

"Mia, will you swim with us?" Milly asked, her eyes pleading with me to say yes.

"Sure, why don't you get ready while I go get changed?"

They ran towards their bags as I excused myself and went up to Jays room.

The door opened and closed just as I tied my bather top. Jay looked amused as he looked me over.

"I had to mix and match to be somewhat decent." I said to explain why I was wearing black bottoms and a red top.

He smirked as he stepped closer. "Decent huh?" He asked as he pulled the triangles aside to free my breasts, his mouth dropping to one as his hand reached for the other, my hands tangling in his hair as I held him against me.

I shivered as he licked my nipple, his tongue bringing it to a hard bud which he took between his teeth and lightly tugged.

"Jay." I breathed and he groaned against me.

"Later." He mumbled as he kissed my breast and released me, pulling the material over to cover my now obviously hard nipples.

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