Tucker Torpedo pt. 1

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(This is gonna be a fictional short story about a girl pursuing a career in acting who has a small role on the set of Rebel without a cause)

Tucker Torpedo

I had always loved acting. Ever since I was a little girl parading around in my dress up clothes, lipstick smeared across my lips, I would put on shows for my family. I knew that acting had to be my future. My family encouraged me to pursue my dreams at first, but as I got older and still hadn't changed my mind, they told me I needed to find something else. But how could I? So I left my small town home in Virginia and took my grandpas 1948 Tucker Torpedo that he left me in his will (something that made the rest of my family completely jealous) all the way across the country to where else but sunny California where I would make my dream a reality. It has been 1 1/2 years of eating what little I could, and living in a small one room apartment, but I was finally able to get a manger...and a small role on a movie called Rebel Without a Cause, staring none other than the amazingly talented and beautiful Natalie Wood and the equally talented and stunning James Dean. This was only James Dean's second movie, but I could tell he would be a huge star. I saw his work in East of Eden, his first movie, and realized just how talented he was. I knew this movie would be a big hit. I couldn't wait for this to happen. Even if it was only a small part, what amazing thing to be able to have this on my resume.
The morning I woke up for a full cast call at Warner Bros studios, I couldn't get out of bed quickly enough. I threw on a nice outfit, brushed out my thick auburn hair, and put on a little makeup. Skipping down the steps of my apartment complex and hoping into my torpedo I sped down the roads until I got to Burbank, California where the Studio is, as well as where all the sound stages are. The morning was bright and sunny, much like my spirits. I rolled the windows down letting the air rush through, causing my long hair to fly freely about. I finally arrived and in giving the attendant guard my name, he looked me up on the list and let me through. I feel like a real actress now, I thought, my smile illuminating my whole face. I pulled into a parking lot and made my way over to sound stage seven. Many people were bustling in and out trying to get things prepared for the filming that would start shortly. I sat down where everyone else was--all the extras and small parts anyway, looking around the room in delight. Without much more delay, the director, Nicholas Ray, started speaking to us. I stopped breathing as he spoke, so excited to just be listening to this man work.
"Welcome everyone. So this is how we will organize everyone. There is a list of names right here," he said holding up a piece of paper." Find your name, and beside it will be the scenes you are in." "Here," he said holding up another piece of paper, "is the schedule. You will only need to come on the days your scene is filming and will not be let in, otherwise. Most of you here don't have any speaking role, but if you do, you can pick up a script here." He laid down all the papers on a small end table by the door. "Thank you." He concluded, walking away. The crowd of people stood up, dispersing towards the papers and door. I stood back a little longer, wanting to take in everything around me. Sets were already built up for scenes shot inside houses, as well as other places. I found it so interesting how all this worked. When I realized most of the others had left, I stepped over to look at the schedules. Scanning through the list of names, I finally found mine, and took out a piece of paper and pencil from my purse to write down what days I would need to be there. After one last look at the set, I headed back to my car. I was scrimmaging around in my purse trying to find my keys, when my eyes shot up to my car and saw a man standing there. I stopped, several yards away and stared as he came into focus. He had slicked up dirty blonde hair, a slim but formed body, and was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. Was that--no it couldn't be...
"Hey! Is this your car?" He asked, turning towards me. Those blue eyes...that voice...oh my god it was. It was James Dean.
"Oh um yeah!" I said, my voice cracking at the end, as I walked towards him and my car.
"A tucker torpedo...these things are rare. Did you know only 51 cars ever came from the tucker company?"
Was I seriously having a conversation with a famous actor? I couldn't believe it...
"Oh...no I didn't know that. My grandpa gave it to me." My voice was still shaky and my body stiff as I spoke.
"Ah, nice grandpa you've got."
"Yeah." I smiled, still standing there awkwardly.
"So uh- you on one of these sets here at Warner bros?" He asked me.
"Yeah I'm actually with rebel without a cause-just a small part."
"Oh really? What's your name?"
"Charlotte...Charlotte Blythe."
He stuck out his hand. "Nice to meet you Charlotte. I'm James Dean."
"Yeah I...I know." I said smiling, taking his hand. When our hands touched it was as if a spark ignited. His hand was rough, but soothing to touch at the same time. We shook and let go.
"Well I better get back to work." He said, glancing over at the sound stages.
"Yeah...I um...well I just want to say I think you're amazingly talented, and I know this movie will be a big hit." I felt the need to say something like that...and of course I meant it.
"Well thank you Charlotte. See ya around."
"See ya."
He grinned, that classic grin of his, waved goodbye, and walked away. As he went, a breeze blew past, sending his scent of cologne, smoke and leather through the air. I was frozen by the few moments I had been in his presence. It was so overwhelming yet comfortable. It was as if the whole world went away, leaving just him and I there. I couldn't move until he walked into the stage, out of sight. Coming out of my daze, I unlocked my car and hopped in. I just had a conversation with James Dean. I just had a conversation with James Dean. I kept repeating this in my head, astounded. Well thanks grandpa, if it hadn't been for this car it never would have happened! I stuck the keys in the ignition and zoomed away, blasting shake, rattle and roll as it reverberated through the radio. I surely hoped I would be "seeing him around."

A/N: This is obviously not the end, but I thought I'd go ahead and update and make it just a part one! Thank you so much for reading, let me know you did by voting and commenting what you think!

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