Chapter 43

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I gasp slightly and a silence falls between us. A tense, thick silence. I see Xavier's body go rigid beside me and I know he is scared and worried. So I decide not to push this topic any further tonight. We have both have had enough gang messes for the day. He looks down at me, probably searching my face for any negative, and scared reactions. But I'm not. I'm not scared as long as I know we are in this together. I don't doubt him for a millisecond when he says he has changed. And nor will I ever. 

I smile in reassurance and lay my head on his chest again, embracing myself for a good night's sleep. Xavier doesn't calm down though, his muscles are still  tense beneath my body and I wrap my arms even more tightly around him, rubbing small circles on the side of his ribs, just like he was doing before. He grasps that it is my way of showing that I trust him and his body unclenches its hold on itself. I hear a small chuckle after a few minutes and I look up at him surprised.

"Why are you laughing?"

"As much I love you tracing soothing circles on my body, it is kinda ticklish. I have been holding my urge to laugh since a few minutes so as to not stop you from doing it." He says sheepishly and I laugh a small laugh too. I huddle even more in his hoodie, loving the fact that this is the first time, I'm wearing his clothes. Then I remember the first time he offered me his t-shirt near the cliff but I refused. We should really go there again. That place is calming and has its own aura of peace and happiness. I give my thoughts a rest and close my eyes, knowing that Xavier has already fallen asleep from his even breathing.

I wake up feeling myself crushed to the bed. I realize how my arms are paining due to the giant pressure on me but I'm too sleepy to do anything about it. I groan incoherently and go back to sleep but I can't as my muscles howl in protest. I then come to my senses and realize that I'm sleeping on my back and Xavier is half on me, his arms holding me for dear life. Though I find that really cute and have an urge to blush and smile, I can't overlook the fact that he has almost crushed my bones due to his huge weight.

"Gosh Xavier, move you're too heavy!" I try to push him but lying on my back, there isn't much that I can do. He grumbles in his sleep and I frown. This guy is disturbing my precious sleep. I push my ankle back with force, having no real idea where it hits him but apparently it works and Xavier moves from over me, groaning slightly and I breath in relief. I try to go back to sleep but then I hear the world's most annoying sound. The sound of my phone alarm. 

"Noooo." I cry in grief as I realize that we'll have to wake up for school. I groan and sit on the bed, my eyes still half closed and punch Xavier on his arm.

"Ouch. What the hell Sam?" He groans and sleeps again and I narrow my eyes. I get on my knees and try to tickle him, just like he did yesterday but fail as I realize that he is not that ticklish. Even in his sleep, he smirks a bit at my failed attempts. Determined even more, I push him with all my strength and he falls off the bed.

"Oww." He groans, clutching his head and this time it is my turn to smirk. He gets up, glaring playfully at me and charges towards me, holding me by my waist and pushing on the bed. He then looms over me and I gives me a sly smile. And I immediately know whats coming next. 

Xavier tickles me relentlessly and I thrash and kick my legs everywhere just to escape his merciless assault, but his hold is too tight. I laugh like a maniac and finally plead for mercy. He stops and before I can catch my breath, stoops down and kisses me. I push him reflexively. He raises an eyebrow.

"I haven't brushed my teeth yet and my morning breath is awfu-" I say but before I can complete, he kisses me again and I feel butterflies raising a thunderstorm in my stomach. His mouth works magic and I without realizing wish all my mornings to be like this for the rest of my life. I kiss him back with the same intensity and we pull apart feeling breathless as always. He leans his forehead against mine and I smile, pecking him once more on the cheeks. He then cups my face and kisses my forehead and gets off me.

"I would love to spent the whole day like this but we can't. We have to go to school." He says, his hair a sexy mess and his voice strained and still breathless.

"Yeah." I say, flustered and try to calm my wildly spreading hair. "Shit. Aunt Martha could come to my room any minute now, calling for breakfast. I gotta go." I say a bit panicked and dash to the window. Xavier follows me and with one last smile, I get on the plank, hurriedly.

"Baby careful." Xavier says and I steady myself. I finally reach my room, looking at him and only then Xavier goes back inside his room.  I quickly get ready and hop down for breakfast. Aunt Martha and uncle Jase give me a smile as I settle for breakfast. 

"So all preped for school today?" Uncle Jason asks me casually and I nod, chewing a piece of the delicious cheese-ham sandwich laid in front of me.

 "So are you acquainted with the new family beside us?" Aunt Martha asks and I hear something strange in her tone of voice.

"Yes. I and dad even went to a dinner at their's. They are the Wests and their son is my classmate." I reply.

"Oh I see. Then you must be getting along very well?" Aunt asks again.

"Yes we do actually. Xavier is a fun guy to be with." 

"Okay hun. Finish up quickly or you will get late for school." She says smiling and goes back to the kitchen. I sense something different in the way he asks me questions but I shrug it off and finish my breakfast and leave for school. I take my car keys as I can't go with Xavier everyday due to uncle and aunt's presence. Just as I'm about to leave, I hear aunt calling me and I stop.

"Hun if you are going to sleep at Xavier's place next time, inform me. I got a bit worried last night when I didn't find you in your room in the middle on the night." She says and I stand there, speechless! I am quite sure I locked the door, then how did she come in my room?

"Oh I had a key, remember you gave me a bunch of all spare keys when we first came here?" She answers my unasked question and I fumble for an explanation.

"Aunt I and Xavier, I mean-"

"No love. I trust you and I know what love is. Because that is what led me to my husband so I won't stop you from being with the person you like. But you know where to stop right?" She asks me calmly and that is an assurance and a parental care mix.

"Yes Aunt. I promise I won't do anything that would hurt you or anyone." I say honestly and she smiles.

"And you too. You should worry about getting hurt yourself and that will show you what is right for you. Okay?" She asks once again and I nod with a reluctant smile. Aunt Martha pulls me into a warm hug and I feel a bit relieved. I leave for school, feeling content.

I wish things were just as easy always.

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