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Trapped in my head I saw Lissas parents. Lissas mother Edna said to me.
"Rose you are in the spirit world. Stuck between peace and life. We are dead. You can choose whether to go back to life or stay. But I'm making that choice for you. Leave and come back when your time has come. You have loved a hard life. And people need to see who you really are. Lissa needs you and you will become a wonderful guardian for your best friend. Leave... I love you Rose I considered you as  a daughter. Remember I love you and tell Vasilissa I love her as well. Always be there for your sister. Until next time."
That's when I heard the beeping. And the excruciatingly bright florecent light. And I groaned ughhh... as I opened my eyes I saw faces gathered all around me. I saw my best friend, Lissa; my mentor who helped me train, Dimitri Belikov (not to mention I saw worry, love, and lust in his eyes until he put his guardian mask back on. He tends to hide his emotions did I mention he's sexy as hell) ; christian (aka fireboy Lisa's boyfriend that I tend to pick on. Also we have a hate/love relationship but we really do love eachother; Alberta whos the head of the academy ans she loves me like her daughter considering the fact my mother basically abandoned me and only sends little messages to let me know she's alive.  Lisa's was first to speak as always and she asked how I felt. But her mouth wasn't moving that's when we realized we were bonded. We can talk without speaking to eachother. That's because of Lissas spirit healed me. Dimitri went and got the doctor and I was released 2 days later. Apparently I was in a coma for 4 weeks. Lisa's had mourned her parents and Christian was there for her. I was soon back to training with the Russian god. And things were back to normal. That was until things got a little heated... next chapter rated m and it gets a little heated. Don't like don't read... you've been warned

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