Chapter 2: Nightmares...

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Hey guys so I heres the 2nd chapter since i've already wrote out the first 2

pic on the side is Dr. Keagan Miller...he'll come later in the story, but...:D Gotta love Ryan Gosling! Wow, i just realized the 'Uncle' was named Ryan...woops! lol

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“Lexi?” I heard my name being called but it echoed too much to make sense of it. My eyesight was dimming and soon it all turned black,






Chapter 2:


Alexis’ POV:


“How can this happen all of a sudden? She was fine up until now!” I heard like I was in a tunnel. I managed to crack my eyes open but shut them quickly when it was too bright. My head was killing me! Is this what a hangover feels like? But I’ve never been drinking before.


“Well, you were worried for her mental health last year when she was seeing that figure at night.” I think it was Uncle Ryan? I heard someone sigh almost worriedly,


“I know that, but…that, was…not Lexi. It was like she was possessed or something! I’m scared Ryan. What should we do?” My mom asked. I peeked under my lashes and looked around since they were busy talking to each other. I was in a small white room that looked to be a hospital room. I noticed my arms were tied down and I couldn’t move! I began to panic slightly but forced myself to calm down.


“I’ve already offered to take her to my facility for free. Just to see if that will help her out. It will be like a trial session of sorts. To see if she get’s better in that kind of environment.” Uncle Ryan suggested. My eyes snapped open for that,


“What?!” I exclaimed but my voice was a little hoarse. There eyes snapped to me with worried expressions,


“Honey? Are you with us?” My mom asked hesitantly. I shot her a confused look,


“Of course I am! Why am I in this bed and why the hell are you guys discussing me going to Uncle Ryan’s crazy bin?” I asked. Mom sighed and took my hand. Not that I could move it away…with me being tied to the bed and everything. Uncle Ryan came by my head and caressed my cheek before stepping away. He used to do that all the time but now that I’m older…it feels wrong.


“Sweetheart…do you not remember?” My mom asked. I shook my head no and she had tears welled up in her eyes,

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