Chapter 6 (sorry for the scary pic lol)

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(Anti's POV)

"YES  ANTI, I WILL" (y/n) said in the most exited voice possible. I pick her up and spin her around. Then I did it, I kissed her, we both melted into the kiss. (y/n) wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed, sadly we both needed air so we had to pull away. We both look at eachother and start bursting out laughing for no reason what so ever.

(y/n POV)

all of a sudden we both start laughing for no reason, I think I'm already in love with him. He is great he makes me laugh, he has a great personality besides he is a murderer but hey no one is perfect. And he is so hot, "I-I love you Anti" I say worried on his response. " I love you so much (y/n)" Anti starts to cry as he says that. "no don't cry, people like you are not allowed to cry EVER" I joke around, he smiles at me. WE go home, watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch together.


Sorry for the short chapter today my little niece is over and I have to watch her for the night I will update tomorrow and I promise it will be longer than today's chapter, well I have to go,bye : )

                                                                                               ~Author chan

P.S. wow only 221 words

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