~I just want to save you from that monster " he exclaimed "this isn't a comic book Zach I don't need a hero because I don't want to be saved" I yelled walking out the door. It's true you can't help someone if they can't help themselves~

2 years later


"How many times do I have to come home to u sitting on yo ass!!!" He yelled getting  in my face "I'm so sorry I was busy taking care of Bryson" I said holding my 1 1/2 year old son. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after the fight with Zach. Chris didn't harm me doing those 9 months because of the baby I thought   it was Chris's but after having Bryson he was a spitting image of Zach. Chris quickly figured out too and beat me senseless. " that's ya damn problem always worrying about that worthless lil bastard" he spat I sat Bry in his play pin feeling my blood boil  "that's one thing u will not do is talk about my child" I yelled back which I instantly regretted he struck me across my face causing me to fall onto the hard marble floor "don't u ever talk to me like that ever again you worthless piece of sh*t"he kicked me in my side multiple times My vision was getting blurry but all I could here was his evil laugh and my baby screaming for me. "I'm going out" he said as he grabbed the keys and not hesitating to kick me again causing me to moan in pain and walked out the door "it's okay baby mommy's fine" I said trying to get up but I couldn't. I crawled over to the phone and called the only person I could trust "hello?"his voice boomed through the phone it took me a minute to answer  "Zach help I need u" I cried before blacking out

To be continued

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