Title Page + Editor's Note

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Editor's Note:

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Editor's Note:

I find it imperative to the reader of how I came to discover this mysterious manuscript and the story that surrounds it. Truth be told, its discovery baffles me still, yet it gives the written word some credence, with which I am sure you will agree.

Firstly, I, editor of this work, Herschel, of Longmans, Green, and Co., happened upon this manuscript when a friend brought it to my attention. Her name is of no importance; however the connection between her and this tale became clear upon reading; she now owns the house in Kintbury that the woman in this story lived in. She found this penned manuscript in the attic one day, appearing, apparently, out of thin air. How this came to be there is extraordinary, and this will become apparently so when you reach the story's conclusion.

Longmans, Green and Co. have decided to publish this manuscript due to the infamy of the bizarre tale that surrounds it. I have only made slight changes to the original script, and then they were only grammatical and spelling errors.

It has taken ten years for this story to be published. Based on the facts presented here before you, I will leave it to the reader to come to their own judgment of what happened, and what happened after...

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