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(3rd POV)

Research Base, Sokovia.

After hearing the chaos going around his facility, Strucker immediately heads to the security room. "Who gave the order to attack?" He asks loudly. One of the soldiers nervously answers him. "Herr Strucker, it's the Avengers. They landed in the far woods, the perimeter guard panicked."

His scientist, Dr.List jogs next to Strucker. "They have to be after the sceptre." He says panicking.

"Yes, but the girl is most likely their first priority." Strucker adds before turning back to the scared shitless soldier. "Can we hold them?"

"They are the Avengers!" The soldiers answers honestly.

Strucker rolls his eyes at him. "Deploy the rest of the tanks." He orders.

The soldier stutters and hesitates for a moment. "Yes, sir."

"Concentrate fire on the weak ones. A hit can make them close ranks. Everything we've accomplished. But we're on the verge of our greatest breakthrough." Strucker commands in an attempt to relieve some panic from his soldiers.

"Then let's show them what we've accomplished. Send out the twins." Dr.List suggests.

"It's too soon." Strucker denies.

"It's what they signed up for, and they aided in taking down the Raven, sir." The doctor adds almost pleading.

"They merely messed with her. And my men can hold them." Strucker nods over to the computer screen where the Avengers can be seen in combat.

" Strucker nods over to the computer screen where the Avengers can be seen in combat

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"We will not yield. The Americans sent their circus freaks to test us. We will send them back in bags. No Surrender!" Strucker continues his attempt to pump up the soldiers to keep fighting to buy him some more time.
"No Surrender!" The soldiers chant in unison as the hold up their fist.

Strucker turns to Dr.List quietly. "I am going to surrender. You will delete everything. If we give the Avengers the weapons, they may not look too far into what we've been..."

"The twins." Dr.List interrupts him.

Strucker sighs in annoyance. "They are not ready to take on..."

"No, no. I mean..." He points to where the twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff were standing just a few seconds ago but are now gone. "Twins."

Strucker runs towards the cell where Raven is being kept in a semi-catatonic state. "Prep her." He orders the doctors observing her throught a window.

"But sir, the process is still incomplete. She could go unstable and maybe even cause death." One of the scientists informs.

Strucker frustratedly runs a hand across his face. "Then wipe her and let the soldiers do their part."

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