The Daughter Of Artemis

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Author's note:

Hi guys! I wrote this with my friend and I would be grateful if you guys can comment and stuff. We are both in grade 7 so sorry if it's bad. We took turns writing the fan fiction and I'll try to find a way to separate the stuff we wrote so you guys know who wrote what. Anyone here know how to have bold or italics on iPod 4? Please let me know in the comments. Anyways, the chapter you are about to read is written by me. Enjoy:)

Chapter 1:

I sat up from my bed and glanced out the window. A crescent moon was hanging in the sky. It was still nighttime. My forehead was breaking out in sweat. I brought a hand up and wiped some of it away. For a second I tryed to remember why I woke up. Then I remembered that I just had one of THOSE nightmares, the kind that I have been having 3 days in a row now. My mind automatically drifts back to it...

{ " I object." A girl spoke. She was the youngest in the room, looking no older than 15. She carried a silver bow and arrows. There were 12 thrones placed in a U shape, it reminded me of something I have read before, but at the second I couldn't remember what. Each throne is occupied by either a man or woman, and the young girl looked odd sitting on a throne at her age. Now a buff, muscular looking man was speaking: " It doesn't matter what you think, the decision has been made. And I would appreciate it if we can just get on with it and seal the deal. I have important things I have to deal with." " Please, my lord. Give her a chance. The girl did nothing wrong. Send her to camp. I'm sure you will change your mind about her after a while." This was the girl speaking again, pleading to the man in the middle. The man sitting in the middle of the room was obviously the leader, he was literally radiating with power. When he spoke, the room seemed to shake. " Hmm, I don't actually think there's any harm in trying that. While she's there, I'll be watching to see if she is worthy to live. But if she isn't, the execution will take place right away." }

As the dream replayed in my head, I realized something. While I was having the dream, I knew, in the way you knew things in dreams, that the girl they were talking about is me.

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