Give My Virginity Back Part 1

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Give My Virginity Back

Hey Guys...Well this is my story...well not my real life story...fictional writing. Hope you enjoy it. 'Give My Virginity Back' does have sexual parts to it. Well you would have guessed with the word 'Virginity', if you don't want to read anything too sexual... I would tell you before it comes; just in cases I give you disgusting nightmares.

I love reading....never enjoyed writing even though i can that helps....spelling mistake and grammar mistakes, i apologise. My writing become slangy at times, one of the bad writing habits i have :P. I would put songs and music up that fit the chapter at times, do listen.

PLEASE COMMENT AND VOTE... I would be looking forward to seeing you comment...any advice would be accepted...

Love you guys (:

Thushara x


I stripped down, dropping everything on to the floor, the cold bathroom floor sent shivers up my body. I shivered involuntarily at the chilliness and turned the hot water and let the bath fill. I looked into the mirror, and saw... A ghost? Beyoncé? Obviously who else, i saw myself staring.

I wasn't pretty, i was the ugly duckling, ok that a bit too extreme i was average, nothing much. I had wavy, dark brown hair down to just below my shoulders; it curled on the ends, sticking out in different directions. My green eyes were usually dull were now bright with excitement. My lips were half full and were a light shade of pink; my upper lip was a bit fuller than the bottom, making my lip look bee-stung. My skin was pale, no tan, no nothing, just plain pale. Can you get plain pale?

I turned away after observing my face for any spots that were trying to creep on to the surface. I dipped my toe into the water and shivered reluctantly at the sudden warmth. It was a contrast to the icy floor. I allowed my leg to sink, finally by body.

I lay back, making sure i didn't hit the tap and stared to the ceiling. I was happy. Yes, i was, because finally i didn't have any problems. Finally, oh god don't jinx me and give me another.

My life is just like a roller coaster, up and down, side to side, going around sharp and smooth bends. That's simply how i would describe my life as; i have never known what is like to have a life without problems. Solve a problem, next minute you face another, what a coincident? Most can be easily solved with some logic, but others you just need to use more than your brain.

One of the problems i couldn't solve is my parents' relationship; it basically didn't work for them, they argued and shouted at each others as though they are the only people existing on the planet. When they start, it may even take hours before they stop, which gives me terrible headaches.

Mum and dad didn't have a chance to argue then, because they for a period of time they didn't live together, they didn't divorce because they believed that would make their children's life hard, they didn't realise they had made it hard already. They just decided if they spent time away from each others they would learn to value each others existence.

We split into two; the males stayed put and the females moved away, which just meant that i went away with mum to keep her company and my older brother, Michael stayed behind with dad. I seriously didn't want to leave, but i couldn't say 'no' to mum's face just like Michael did, it would break her heart. When Michael said it hurt flashed her eyes and tears brimmed. So i for the love of my mother left behind my beloved father and brother.

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