Chapter 40

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~Ed’s Best Friend~

Chapter 40

Harry’s POV

“Have you seen Rose?” I ask a Josh who walks past me.

“Uhh I think she’s with the 5SOS boys.” He answers quick before rushing further through the arena.

“Thanks” I mumble even though I know he probably didn’t even hear it. Quickly I make my way towards the dressing rooms.

“Hey, is Rose here?” I ask barging into the room. My eyes widen surprised by the scene in front of me. Calum, Luke and Rose are lying on top of each other as they play one guitar. “What are you guys doing?” I ask chuckling. Still laughing they look up at me.

“Playing guitar” Calum simply answers.

“You know you have to be on stage in about 10 minutes?”

Their eyes widen, the laughs stopping immediately.

“What  the hell!” Luke jumps up from his seat, almost throwing Rose off the couch.

“Rose can I talk to you?” I ask, completely ignoring Luke. Ever since Rose told me the whole kissing thing yesterday I’ve been ignoring Luke. The thought that he knew I liked her when he kissed her makes me feel… I don’t know… betrayed. I thought we were friends.

“Uh yeah of course” She smiles at me, tugging at her dress as she walks towards me.  “Good luck, you’re going to do amazing!” She blows a kiss towards the four boys and follows me out of the room.

“What’s  up?” She asks, raising an eyebrow at me.

“I want to give you something.” I tell her, my eyes trailing over her body which is wrapped in a casual dress. "You look hot by the way"I add, getting a wide smile from her.

I give her the envelope I’ve been holding in my hand, getting a curious look from her as she takes it from me.

I look how she opens the white paper, her eyes scanning the thing inside.

“PARIS?”She screams questioning, a huge grin plastered on her face. I nod, laughing at her excitement.

“Since you’ll be starting college soon, the first time we’ll both have a couple of days off is when we’re in Paris. So I thought why not!”

She jumps in my arms, her soft lips pressing onto mine.  “Thank you!” She says softly, tightening the hug.  “You’re gonna be amazing tonight! I just know it!” I can only smile in response as I burry my face in her good smelling hair. I’m going to miss her so so much.


Rose’s POV

The whole arena starts screaming and clapping as soon as the last chords of Heartbreak girl are finished. Eleanor, Danielle, Maura and I are all sitting next to each other as we clap and scream along.

“They are so good!”Maura exclaims, all of us agreeing.

The arena lightens up again, people already running across the stage to make it ready for the One Direction boys.

“Shall we give them another good luck kiss?” Danielle asks us, we nod in response and start walking away from our seats.

“ROSE” someone screams, my head snapping towards the sound. A familiar brown haired boy jogs towards me. My eyes widen as soon as I realize who he is. “Adam, what are you doing here?” I haven’t seen that boy in ages.

“Hoping to see you!” He cheekily winks before taking me in a hug.

“I missed you dumb ass!” I smile, hugging him back. “How are you? You want to come backstage with us?”

“Ohgood and I’d love too but I’m actually here to help Patrick with the sound, so I have to go and do that. I see you after?”

“Yeah, of course!”I give him another quick hug before  he walks away again.

“And who was that?” Danielle asks curiously as we walk down the stairs, a smile probably still on my face. I forgot how much I missed that guy, how much I missed performing actually.

“That’s Adam he toured along with Ed!” I answer.

“Oh that explains it!”She smiles. We almost reached the entrance of the backstage arena when a couple of girls notice us.

“OH MY GOD” A high pitched voice screams, a lot of girly heads suddenly turning our way. I exchange some worried looks with the other girls as we try to stay very calm.

We smile politely at the girls who are now screaming our names and some other stuff, lots of them flashing cameras in their hands. I squint at the sudden light, a headache suddenly coming up.

“Girls, I don’t feel so good!”I try to say, everything starting to become blurry.

Harry’s POV

“Harry?” I recognize Eleanor’s voice as I turn around in my seat. “What’s up?” I ask when I see her worried expression.

“Rose, she fainted!” As fast as I can I jump up, following Eleanor trough  the arena and towards the 5SOS dressing room.

When we walk in we’re immediately being greeted by a worried looking Ashton. “Where is she?”I ask him. He only points towards the couch in response, my eyes landing on Rose who’s lying on it with Danielle, Maura and the rest of the 5SOS boys surrounding her. “Did someone call a doctor?” I panic, rushing over to her side.

“Yeah, he’s on his way!” Maura answers, smiling reassuringly.

“How the hell did this happen?”

“A couple of girls noticed us and they started screaming and taking pictures and before I knew it she was lying on the ground. “ Maura tells me, the rest of the girls nodding along.

A rush of guilt runs through my body. Why am I so stupid? I should’ve arranged a body guard for them.  

“It isn’t your fault Harry!” Danielle tells me, padding me on the back. “She’ll be okay!” I nod, smiling weakly at her.

This is already the second time! The second time!

“The doctor is here!” I hear Eleanor say, my head snapping towards the man.

She needs to be okay! I need her to be okay.


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